Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mrs Tea..for me!

This weekend both of my daughters and I went to some "extreme couponers" garage sales. I love those sales!  If you don't have them in your area they are ladies to do the extreme couponing and then sell thier overstock.  It is so awesome! They get things way cheaper than I can with coupons because I guess they know all the tricks. Anyway-they had a few random things for sale too and I got this "Mrs. Tea". I had never seen one before and I think its adorable! It was only $3.

People that know me realize this is so perfect for me. I am a total tea addict. All summer I have been enjoying my sun tea brewed daily. But now that we are in fall (gulp-are we really?) I figure my sun brewed tea days are numbered. So now I have this little lovely to brew my tea for me. I drink ice tea all winter long.

I love a good Venti Black Iced Tea no sweetner at Starbucks
Though I love iced tea (I switch to decaf after 5) in the evening I love to enjoy a hot cup of Tazo totally relaxes me!

So as you can see I really do love my tea!  I haven't shared this here yet but I owned a Dairy Queen for 20 years and whenever the customers would ask if our tea was fresh my employees would say, "Oh yes, Sandy drinks it almost as fast as we can brew it".
So I thought I would end this post with a little look at something coming soon.  Here is a bunch of faux pumpkins I have collected from can bet they won't be orange when I'm done with them!
Have a great week!


Simply Me said...

What a Cute Puppy !!!! Thanks for your comment !!

Unknown said...

Oh I love it...I just googled it because I wanted to buy one , you were lucky it is selling from $49 :)
check out the link

farmhouse-story said...

LOVE your china!--i had a set of these, until our last move:( great bunch of pumpkins to work on, too!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Never heard of a coupon garage sale and never seen a Mrs. Tea,...should I thank you...where is that I want list...I know I have it here somewhere!!!

koralee said...

Thank you for visiting me the other your sweet blog. I am a tea drinker too and this Miss Tea does look adorable..Just found a new tea shop in our area..pure joy. Sipping Pumpkin Chai right now!