Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Janae's birthday #22

Today my oldest daughter turned 22.  Hard to believe since in my mind I am in my early 30's--though my body thinks its in its 50's.  I felt lucky that I was able to spend the whole day with her. Janae and I are so much alike--we have almost exactly the same taste in decorating and the things we like to do.
I am on what I call a  Kool-aid budget. (That is when you are so broke you can't afford beer). With birthdays I have to be creative...and thank goodness I have been blessed with a creative gene. Something I inherited from both of my Grandmothers and my Dad I think. Since Janae is such a girly girl and loves all that glitters and sparkles it was fun making her birthday gifts!
I was so busy making her gifts I didn't have time to make homemade cupcakes!

Got this fake pumpkin at Goodwill and had to make it pretty so it would fit in at Janae's house.

This is how it turned out--so Janae.

Janae and I went to the "Street of Dreams" this year and in one of the houses saw a tulle covered lampshade and so I decided I needed to copy it.

Perfectly girly!

I created this pillow because I thought it would look beautiful in her livingroom.

In real life it really sparkles!

I knew she would love this one because I made it for her furry daughters bedroomsee it here

Bella is one spoiled puppy dog (but shhh--she doesn't know she is a dog)

This is what it looked like when I bought it at Goodwill for 6.99

Here it is now

The boys at Sissy's party

Chantel at Sissy's party

Lucky for Janae her boyfriend is not on a Kool-aid budget and he got her this little beauty
So another year down being Janae's mom.  Twenty two years ago I spent 3 days in labor to have this beautiful girl and she has done nothing but bring me joy ever since (okay--well there was a few years in there I wasn't feeling total joy but mostly joy). She was born on my Grandmothers birthday...Grandmas first great grandchild. We lost Grandma last year--she would have been 94 today. Happy Birthday Grandma! Happy Birthday Janae!


Bunny Jean said...

Happy Birthday to Janae... you must be so proud of her. She is one VERY talented girl... I see now she takes after her momma.

That little pumpkin is just precious! I will be looking for it in her blog, I wonder where she will put it? I saw her doggie/baby's room earlier. So cute. I hope she posts it on the party this week.

That Coach purse is a great color for her! I am full of envy.

Thanks for coming to the Bunny Hop party this week.

xoxo Bunny Jean

Sherry said...

What lovely creations for a beautiful daughter. I love to see what people can create on a Kool-Aid budget. That kind of creativity is what inspires me.

Unknown said...

Happy Bday Janae, you got such a great gift and that blue pillow is just so amazing ( can I borrow it sometimes LoL )

Grandma Carolee said...

Loved this birthday post. The gifts you made for Janae' are beautiful. Liked seeing the photos of all of the kids.

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Hello Sandi,
You and your girl are very talented. LOVE your creations! May God bless your beautiful family!
Happy Birthday Janae!

Mariaelena said...

so nice to meet you and your daughter...glad to find both of your blogs...pls come on over for a visit....I'll be back often!!...happy weekend, Mariaelena

Donna at the Scarlet Petticoat said...

omg sandy!!! those are the greatest most special gifts i have ever seen!!! i really almost had tears in my eyes when i saw how each one perfectly matched your daughter's personality...she is a lucky girl to have such an incredibly thoughtful mom!!! i love how creative you are while keeping within your budget. the pumpkin is to die for!!! i am still stealing all your ideas!! throwing the boo on there was just a perfect touch!! i know i am gushing, but, i really got excited when i saw this post! although it is nice the bf is on a more, shall we say, expanded budget?!!! that is one stunning bag! love ya, donna