Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Decorating and Planting Outside

The weather here in Oregon has just been amazing the last few days. So the task of cleaning up our outside living areas begins! So far I have been working on the front porch and yard.

I have been really happy with Fred Meyers garden center this year--they are bringing in the most beautiful flowers!

I love container gardening--at our previous house because of poor soil quality that is all I did. I can't wait for these containers to be overflowing with blooms!

The window boxes look sparse right now but I am hoping they grow quickly!

The lilacs in the front are looking beautiful.

My sister gave me this little chair which I think looks so cute amongst the flowers with a bunny on it.

I planted different flowers this year under the Dogwood tree...usually I do Petunias.

Pansies are a favorite of mine--so easy to care for and such sweet "faces".

Looks like I have someone watching me...

Actually--Phoebe is there too...she is just on the other side of the lace...because she likes to be sneaky like that :)

To end this post I have to show you this cute picture Chantel took of her hamster, Walter. Gotta love Walter!

A hamster on the dining table eating a apple... that's not weird. At our house, you never know what you might see!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Charming Ruffles

Spring brings out the "country romantic" girl in me. I have been having so much fun making pretty gingham and floral things that make me happy.

I made a pillow for cuddling with in front of the T.V. and it is already becoming a favorite!

It will also be nice to use outside in this beautiful weather!

Lacie shows off how her dress matches the new pillow...

I also made a new table runner--I can never have too many ruffles on the table!

I just love it--a puddle of ruffles on the table!

This fabric is one of my favorites. I got it about a year is called Durham Anew Fall '11. I added the pink gingham to it (found it at Goodwill and I think the color is perfect).

I have done a few projects with this fabric collection...

Basket Remake

Fabric backed bookcase

I want to make lots of pillows for the house in different fabric collections I love. I adore fabric--especially pink florals with aqua.

It is so much fun to make something pretty with a favorite fabric!

I hope this finds everyone taking time to enjoy spring! The weather here in Oregon is just beautiful right now!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anniversary Ball Jars

Thanks to my local Ace Hardware store I have some of the new anniversary jars from Ball. I am just tickled with them--they are so pretty!

The color is a little brighter than the ones that are 100 years old..but very similar.

When my husband came home from work and saw them he told me he was glad that I got some. He said he had seen that someone had special ordered them at Ace Hardware and he thought to himself, "Sandy would love these!". Well, he was right...and that person that special ordered them was me!

The blue just glows--looks gorgeous with candles in it too.

The jar reads....

1913-1915 100 years of American heritage Made in USA

I won't be painting these!

I have been continuing to enjoy having flowers in the house and cannot wait for my roses to bloom!

The weather is suppose to be nice this weekend and I am hoping to get some yardwork done. There is so much to do! I have been busy planting my containers and window boxes. I need to give a fresh coat of paint to the outside furniture and get everything all cleaned up from the winter. I'll be busy!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shabby Chic Doggie Dresses

I always am the happiest when I am creating...and the other day I made some cute Shabby Chic doggie dresses. I was inspired by a dress my daughter had bought for Lacie and I went from there. I think they turned out pretty cute.

This is the one I made for Lacie (my daughters dog). It looks perfect on her and matches the decore in my daughters house.

The second dress is for my Mom's puppy, Annie.

These fabrics look like my Mom's kitchen.

I always tend to do this--make things for other people instead of myself :) Next I need to get busy and make Dafney and Daisy dresses too!

Our dogs are better dressed then I am ---maybe I should make myself a dress! LOL

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Coffee Tray Remake

I like to find little projects I can do with treasures found at Goodwill.  My teenage daughter, Chantel, always tells me "You don't need that". Well, she is usually right, but this time I didn't listen and bought this cute tray.



Somebody made this..I think it is charming. But I like things painted so here is what I did...

My printer is having issues and so I wasn't able to print out a graphic so I just searched for retro coffee graphic and then freehanded what I saw. Then I traced it onto tissue paper and then used a sharpie and traced it again...leaving the outline on the tray.

Then I just filled in the outline with acrylic paint.

It isn't perfect..but I think it is cute. There are a lot of things I could have done--like bought a cool wall sticker or something...but this way fit into my :)

I need to put some sealer on it and then I will be able to bring Chantel her morning iced coffee on it :)

I am still enjoying all the flowers in my garden. It has been a little cold this week so I haven't been getting all the weeding done that I want to. I have been shopping with Janae in the garden shops as she is buying annuals for her house. That is much more fun than weeding anyway!

It is so nice to have flowers to put in my Flora Doora's! Makes my entry look so inviting.

Enjoy spring and thanks for visiting!