Thursday, March 28, 2013

Painted Ball Jar

Well, I am really liking my painted Ball jars from my previous post. My son Wyatt reminded me of a big Ball jar I have--that I stored away in his room. I got it a couple years ago at Goodwill and haven't used it much because I didn't love the green color of it. But now I like it!

 Here is how it looked in it's original  state..

It was fine but not as nice as it is now! I see in these pictures some brush marks are showing--didn't notice that in "real life". Oh well, I don't think they look that bad...I may give it another coat if they end up bothering me. I say I love shabby--but I am a perfectionist too. Not always a good match.

It is kind of hard to tell--but it is really big. It is over 15 inches tall! Wouldn't this be lovely with some big branches of lilacs in it? Can't wait! I am glad Wyatt reminded me of this one :)

Spring break has not been turning out as I had planned. I had planned to get all kinds of spring cleaning done--in the house, the garage, and out in the garden! But a few days ago while fixing Gage's bed for the night I bent down and picked him up and felt the most horrible pain I have ever felt... in my hip. I have pretty much been in total pain ever since. I sometimes notice myself holding my breath, I guess I somehow think that will make the pain more bearable. I think I have a pinched nerve. I have to be more careful about lifting Gage--he is a 13 year old, getting heavier everyday and sometimes I am just not careful. So I am not getting the major cleaning done that I wanted too. I am bad about accepting help too--I like things just the way I like them, which makes it hard for anyone else to help me. Oh well--shouldn't cry over spilled milk (or a painful hip) so I am just thinking I'll get better and I'll get to the cleaning eventually. It will wait for me. It is just frustrating because it wasn't that long ago that I was sick...I just don't have time for this! :)

The kids have mainly been having to take care of me this spring break. Chantel made this cute spring break cake...

Chantel also did some chalk art on our garden path...

Makes our path almost look like Easter eggs!

The cats have kept me entertained as I lay around. It is so funny to see the difference between a female and male cat. Our female Phoebe, looks at me like, "Please Mom can I go outside and just "play" with those birds?"

Our male cat Fez, seems perfectly happy just to relax in anything that he can turn into a bed!

We have so much fun with our pets. I was quite proud of Janae and Bentley this week...we went to a Rose City pet celebration/show in Portland. Bentley won cutest puppy--he even got a trophy!

I hope this finds everyone enjoying Spring! I am hoping to get back to everything soon.

Enjoy this lovely Easter week!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Ball Jars

After seeing painted Ball jars at the Junk Sisters show I have been wanting to make some of my own. I thought it would be fun to make some in Easter colors.

I was really happy with how they turned out they make the house look more like Spring!

I started out with 3 jars from Goodwill...that cost me a whooping .87 cents.

I used my homemade chalk paint recipe (found here) and then sanded the paint off to show the jar details.

I think they look so vintage and cute! A fun and simple project.

I thought I would "play house" and make a pretty Spring table setting too.

I got a sweet Boyd bear at Goodwill the other day that at first I thought was a bunny. Turns out it is a poodle. Lula the fairy seems to think he is cute. :)

I hope this finds everyone enjoying Spring!

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I love this magazine!

I am such a magazine lover. I am also very lucky at winning giveaways from other bloggers. :) I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Janet at Shabby Fufu for 2 issues of a French magazine that I am totally in love with!

Other than the name of the magazine...I can hardly make out a word. But who needs too when it is filled with eye candy like this.

I have to say--Janet's house are some of my favorite photos in the magazine.

I could so sit at this dining table and watch the kids play in the pool...

My kids would be in heaven with that pool. I would be in heaven with that dining room. Look at that chandelier! :)  Also love all the ruffles in her bedroom.

I so want a dress form. I like the one with the curvy figure. :)

Just love Janet's house!
There were other beautiful homes too...

I could so cook in this kitchen...

I love these butcher block counters--the cabinets.. how light and airy everything looks...I even love the toaster!

What a cute lace food cover...

How sweet this would look at a picnic!

Who couldn't love a beautiful home with a sweet white kitty...

Pretty, Pretty, everywhere!

So, do you agree? I think this is one wonderful magazine.

I will always treasure these issues. Thanks Janet!

I have been starting to get better---my fever has gone down quite a bit. I still have a low grade fever so I have been trying to rest. Today has been the first day I actually felt good enough to go out in the yard and pick some flowers.

I hope this finds everyone enjoying your day.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring fever?

I haven't been feeling well...a little under the weather, and now I have a slight fever. Despite a sore throat and other symptoms I am hoping all it is is spring fever.
I can hardly walk through a grocery store without making my way to the garden section to see if there is anything I can get to satisfy my spring fever.
 I forced some beautiful tulip bulbs just by putting them in water. They are looking beautiful and helping with my need for flowers.

I bought a Pansy to put in my watering can on the front porch.

I love the sweet faces of Pansies!

Baby Daffodils are starting to bloom in the yard and I am enjoying them in the house.

My kids are not feeling well either. Chantel has been out of school all week and today Gage came home today with a fever too. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part that all it is is Spring fever.

So tomorrow I think Gage and I will just try to rest and get better. Maybe Chantel will be able to go to school, but maybe not. I am hoping to spend some time looking at everybody's blogs and getting inspired to make something pretty :)

In the Flora Doora will hang in the entryway waiting to be filled with flowers and satisfy my other fever...Spring fever.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Courtney's Wedding

As I mentioned in my previous post yesterday was my niece Courtney's wedding day.  Janae and I were the photographers. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a fun time!

I had fun using my favorite frame for a photo prop.

Courtney is such a beautiful girl. As a small child she had the most beautiful naturally curly blonde hair, I have always thought she is so pretty.  She has also always been so sweet. As a bride she was gorgeous!

The wedding party all looked great!

The parents were all very happy.

The ceremony was very nice.

I wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

My daughters were looking so pretty as they always do :)

What beautiful brides they will be someday!

My husband and my boys were there too of course.

I love that Janae helped me with the photography. It was so much more fun doing it together than by myself.

Janae took this picture and made only the inside of the frame in color--I love it!

Hope you enjoyed the wedding pictures---

Thanks for visiting!