Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving at our home

The cooking is done. Our stomachs are full. The dishwasher is running (for the third time) and everyone is heading to bed. Another thanksgiving is now a memory..and a nice memory it is!

My favorite part of preparing for thanksgiving is setting the table..I have never been one to love cooking. But I do love to set the table!

My Dad , Mother, my sister, and my father in law were among our guests...along with the 6 of us.

Well, we can't forget the furry family...while getting ready I noticed the cats seated themselves at the table in the livingroom.

They were in luck because Janae bought a turkey breast just for the pets that we cooked along side our family turkey.

We had a really lovely dinner. I am very thankful for that.

I couldn't believe Papa ate the whole plate!

There were 10 people and 7 dogs at our thanksgiving celebration.

Everyone had a full tummy--even the cats got to have some turkey.

Now that thanksgiving is over you know what that means...time to decorate!

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving...

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The evolution of our fireplace

Three years ago when we were looking at this house I liked that it had a fireplace..but I didn't really care for the look of the fireplace.

As soon as we moved in I hung a mirror above it and painted the mantle and I liked it a lot better!

But I still didn't like the separation between the mantle and the tile.

I made a skirt  for the mantle and once again was much happier with the look.

Still not perfect, I decided to paint the tiles white. I always think most everything in my house look prettier white.

I am pleased now. I think the fireplace is looking much better now!

Now it is a pretty place to hang the stockings!

The fireplace isn't the only thing that has changed a lot since we moved here...

I am happy because I think this is a great house to grow up in and I hope my kids will have many happy memories of their teenage years in this home.

I am busy getting everything ready for thanksgiving dinner...sending wishes that everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daisy's new dress and X-mas planning

This is such a busy time of year. I can't believe there is only 30 something days until Christmas! I got some fabric to make winter dresses for the dogs and I got one done last night. It is a pink flannel fabric with snowmen on it--in person it is just adorable. There is a lace snowflake overlay fabric too. I am always making dresses for my daughters dog, and my Mom's dog, and finally I made one for my dog, Daisy. She looks adorable! I made her a matching hairbow too :)

Now I just need to make a dress for Dafney and Lacie out of this fabric. I have so many things I need to make by Christmas!  It can be so overwhelming--but I am planning to just take a deep breath, enjoy the season, and get it done!

Janae has got one tree up so far and Chantel and I went and put up my parents tree today. All this is making me think about my own Christmas decorating. I have been inspired by one of the articles in Romantic Homes magazine.

I think I was attracted to this article because the wall color is similar to my craft area wall color--which you can see from almost everywhere in the house. I am actually liking some of the reds I am seeing this year--but red just doesn't go with my house. So I am thinking of doing some very small touches of hot pink and bright aqua. I want to do something different since this is my 3rd year decorating this house.

My son Wyatt thinks I should add color to my tree but I am really thinking I love the all white I did on the tree last year.

Christmas 2012

I am trying to change things up without spending any money but every year I have to pick up a few Walmart ornaments for only $1.97 each!

These are my favorite Walmart had this year...

Pretty cute for under $2!

So my mind is going a mile a minute thinking of how I will decorate this year. Once I get it figured out in my mind, actually doing it is the easy part!

Blogging makes Christmas all the more many ideas out there!

I hope everybody is enjoying the season.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Thrifty Christmas

Once again it will be a thrifty Christmas. My car has decided  with 84,000 miles on it it needs some parts (thankfully my husband is very mechanically inclined and can do the work).  Having almost no Christmas budget is okay--it just makes things more interesting. It means my sewing machine will be running overtime to make all the presents I need to make. I better step it up...the big day will be here in no time!
When most people feel the Christmas spirit in the stores I get the most excited at my favorite store...Goodwill. You have the chance at finding some vintage Santa or Christmas tree--at the regular stores you pretty much know what you are going to get  :)
Thought I would share some of my recent finds...
I thought this little guy was so cute for $2.99. The kids told me of course I do because they swear I already have him. No worries--he will enjoy being a twin. I couldn't resist that lace shirt he is wearing!
I almost didn't open the box for this guy--but was so glad I did! He is brand new pink perfection! He was $4.99 and I think he is precious. I used to do a pink Christmas--have gotten away from that the last few years--but this year I am bringing back the pink. (at least a little anyway).

I always love to check out the fabric section at Goodwill and found these 2 half yard pieces for $2.99 for the pair.

They are so me. (please excuse the wrinkles) I think the purple one will become of the fabrics when making a chair cover for my purple dining chair.

This next item as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine. Janae even said if I didn't buy it I would have "didn't buy it regret". That is what Janae and I call it when we don't buy something in our attempt not to be hoarders and then we talk about it for months later.."I wish I would have gotten that.."

This was already perfect for my house--didn't have to paint it or anything.

I thought I would share a picture (or two) of how beautiful the pink Santa pillow I made (last post) looks on Janae's bed. I was tickled at how perfect it looks.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Sewing has began

I am so not ready for Christmas. I keep telling myself I still have time to get things done..but I am quickly realizing it will be here before I know it and I better start sewing.
One of my blogger friends, Brenda from Shabby cats and Roses, makes the most beautiful pillows! I was inspired by her to make myself a sweet Christmas pillow. You can find Brenda's pillows and stockings here. She does such beautiful work at such reasonable prices.

Being someone who loves to create something myself I pulled out the sewing machine and made this sweet pink Santa pillow.

I love a pink Santa--what is sweeter than that? With pink roses--this image was like Christmas heaven to me. How sweet. Makes me want to sing Christmas carols and have snow falling outside.

To make this pillow I printed out the image in reverse on this paper I found on clearance at Walmart for 7 sheets for .99 cents. I have used these iron on's before and I really like them. I thought Santa looked perfect with this Simply Shabby Sheet I got at Goodwill for $4.99. I had pillows forms too so I was able to make this all with stuff I had. That made this even better because my car has been giving me grief lately. It has 84,000 miles on it and it starting to need some work. Ugh. So any fun money I might have had is being used on the car. :( Oh well. Thankfully I have a stash of crafting supplies!

I haven't done any Christmas decorating yet. I still think it is early..though I do love seeing what all you bloggers are doing. I do a real tree so I have wait to get that. Also, I always say I don't want Christmas decorations out so long that I have to dust them!

Since Christmas is the season of giving..I know someone quite well whose house this pillow would look so cute in..and so now I am working on making another one.

Yes Janae, it is for you :)..I hope you love it, and Merry Early Christmas!

I think Phoebe is hoping Santa will get her something really awesome for Christmas. She has been a good girl, for the most part. :)

 So who all is decorating already..and if not...when do you start?
Thanks so much for visiting..and enjoy the season!