Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chalky Spray Paint

Ever since I heard about the new Chalky Spray paint That Krylon put out I have been so curious. I am a closet spray painter--it is just so easy to spray paint things compared to painting with a brush. When I saw that our local Fred Meyer's was carrying it I just had to try it.

I found this hard plastic candelabra at Goodwill. I knew it would look better painted white.

I used the chalky spray paint on it and I actually liked it! It is a little thinner than their regular spray paints but I thought for a project like this it would be fast and easy--and it was! I also used the Matte sealer--I thought it was not as matte as I would like it to be. I like things to be really flat. I don't like a shine to anything. That's just me--I think it makes it look older that way.

This now becomes a beautiful decoration for Janae's wedding. She now tells me she just wants me to find 12 more. :)

I found this set for $5 on our local classifieds....

Very weathered and chippy--but sturdy-- I love it. Thing is as much as I love chippy this is too chippy so I am going to paint it and let the chipping begin again. :) Wouldn't it look adorable with a ruffled umbrella? I am always creating more projects for myself! Still can't believe I got it for $5!

I decided to try the chalky spray paint on one of the chairs...

It looks fine--but I thought it was a bit thin. I like the chalky paint paint for little projects but not so much for larger things.

Of course my true paint love, Annie Sloan chalk paint remains my true love. I have decided to do some small projects to sell and I am glad I did...they flew out the door :) Painted them in Annie Sloan Original White.

I need to find more clocks and mirrors--because they seem to be a customer favorite :)

Jaxon's Grandparents are on vacation and so I have my favorite little guy here for the next two weeks. I am sure we will have so much fun! It will be fun to have a 3 year old here 24/7 for the next couple weeks. Love that kid.

I am wondering how much painting I will be able to get done...especially because Jaxon always wants to help!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Gift for Janae

I love Valentines day! I think of it as a way to show love to everyone--not just romantic love. I have always gotten my kids Valentine gifts. This year I made Janae a gift modeled after something she had pinned--and it doubles as a wedding decoration!

I am pretty happy with how it turned out--though I wish I would have been able to find a ladder with just one more step.

This is the one I was inspired by...

(I wonder where they found that ladder!)

I have got to get busy--because though Janae and Sidney are just having a small family wedding there is still so many things to do to get ready!

At least there is one thing done that should look pretty at the wedding!

To celebrate the day I will share this year's photo of my Grand-pups...

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day and felt loved :)
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Small projects, Big results

I love finding little things at Goodwill and transferring them into something I love for my home.

I am always drawn to clocks. So many cute clocks at Goodwill--or at least clocks I see potential in.

I painted these 2 clocks with original white and now I love them!

Costing me only a few dollars and a little bit of paint these clocks quickly turned Shabby Chic cute!

Having several clocks on the mantle reminds me time is precious! Something that was made so clear when we lost my sister in law about 6 months ago.

Jaxon always tell me, "My Mama is an angel" so I put a picture of her by my angel wings. I think Jax will like it.

Speaking of Jaxon..he is doing well and continues to bring us so much joy. We all just adore him and look forward to Mondays when he stays with us.

He is obsessed with Ninja turtles and he likes me to call him by the name of whatever mask he is wearing. This day he was Donatello. Who would have known at my age I would now know so much about Ninja Turtles? lol  Chantel and Jax (I mean Donatello) made cupcakes the other day.

I love seeing Jaxon's little fingers in the photo :)

I am so busy--wedding plans and painting (and Jaxon) keeps me really busy! The Daphne is blooming and the wonderful aroma is making me look forward to Spring.

The smell is just intoxicating!

I hope this finds everyone feeling loved and about to have a Happy Valentines day!

Remember...time is precious...

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fun at the Junk Sister's Show

Every year Janae and I look forward to the Junk Sister's Show when it comes to Hillsboro, Oregon. I sometimes think I would like to have a booth at the show--but actually that would be work, and I don't want to miss out on the fun!

This lighted sign was hanging when we first entered the show and it is pretty appropriate because I loved everything at the show!

I took a bunch of photos so I thought I would share for those who didn't get to go.

I have never seen so many pretty chairs in one place. I just love a pretty chair. It was pretty hard to resist them! How many chairs can one person own?

My blogger friend Denise from Pink Postcard always has a beautiful booth. I always like to paint my own pieces for my home but I really wanted to buy this dresser she had painted in milk paint.

I just love it! $300 is such a great price for it too.

Denise had other beautiful pieces too...

There was so much furniture that I loved...

I would love to paint this piece!

I am also so impressed with the way the booths are decorated. So much work put into this show!

So many cute things and great ideas.

The really nice people at one of the booths remembered Janae and I from last year. They said we are easy to remember with our blonde hair. They had the cutest stand with clothes hanging on it--Janae wanted to buy it for her bedroom but it wasn't for sale--just a prop.
They were nice enough to tell us how they made it--the spindles on the top are salt and pepper shakers! The decorative piece on the top came off of a dresser. How creative!

The show was so much fun...and what makes it extra fun that Janae and I enjoy going to it together. I am so lucky to have a daughter who loves the same things I do! She is my mini me.

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