Thursday, December 29, 2011

Projects of 2011

Well, seems that everyone is doing a recap of their projects for the year so I decided to jump in. I know I have only been blogging for 4 months, but these have been my favorite projects (in review)...

I went through my lace painting phase...and I still think it is such a pretty technique!

Then I got really interested in the acid mirror technique..and I love that one too!

I turned my Grandma's old jewelry box into a beautiful beachy delight!

For Janae's birthday I transformed this rocking chair...

In October I was obsessed with making pretty white pumpkins...

Though I don't doing the "pinning thing" myself I saw this project was pinned a lot...

This chair came a long way from its original condition...

My only white ruffle project was this lampshade, but I am hoping in 2012 to do many many white ruffle projects because I am really drawn to white ruffles right now!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing some of my favorite projects for 2011. I hope that in 2012 I make many more projects--there is such satisfaction in making something pretty!

Monday, December 26, 2011

A purse for Mom

One of my favorite Christmas gifts to give this year was my Mom's purse that I made. I knew that she would love it so much that it made me so excited to give it to her!
I completely just figured it out as I went--with no pattern and just an idea. I printed pictures on fabric of all her Grandkids (my four kids and my brothers 2 boys) and bought fabric that I thought she would like.
It started out looking like this...

Then slowly it transformed...

Until it turned into this..

I am so pleased with how it turned out. I always do photo purses for my Mom and she shows them off to everyone she meets. I know she enjoys showing off her Grandchildren. This is the first time I made her a fabric purse.  I wish I would have remembered to take a picture when she was opening it..I teased my nephews they could thank me later for putting them on the back of the purse..they didn't have to have ruffles under their picture:). Believe me Mom will make sure everyone gets to see their picture.

I took this picture today after we went on our daily walk. A perfect Christmas present for Mom--I am so pleased! Now to try to top it next year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

I can't believe it, Christmas is basically over for 2011. With all the planning, and decorating and everything that does with it it is amazing how quickly it is all just a memory.
Wanted to post some pictures from today to add to our memories of the holiday.

I made this tote bag for Janae

Bunny FuFu and Big John have always been best buddies

Janae and I have such the same taste--she bought me this mercury glass container, and I bought the same one for her!

Chantel got Scrabble Flash from Janae, and Jerry and Eileen played with it with her for a couple hours.

Griffin and Wyatt hung out in the Fishroom for awhile playing their DS's

Big John fell asleep in his new sweater from Janae

Janae decided she could carry her girls in the bag

Scott and Eileen hung out all day and we had a wonderful relaxing family Christmas Day.
Looking forward to the next year and everything it has to offer.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Memories

Today has been a full day of Christmas activity! I thought I would quickly post some pictures to share with all of you, blogging friends and family!
The afternoon started out by going to my husbands brothers house to share some Christmas time with that side of the family.
Wyatt was put in charge of handing out presents

Stacey looks pleased with whatever she got

Noah, Jerry, Chantel and Janae

Our nephew Drew with his dog, Ollie

Gage getting tickled by cousin Drew

Grandma Suzy and David loved the pillow I made them with our family portrait on it
Later in the evening we were back home to have members of my side of the family over for snacks and presents.
We have yummy sandwiches and sesame noodle salad..and yummy hot buttered rum!

Wyatt once again got asked to pass out presents

My brother and his family opening gifts

Chantel with Lacie and Daisy

My sister was sick but hanging in there!

My brother Chris and family

Stacey liked Lacie

Lacie french kissed Dylan--sorry Dylan!

My Dad and brother

Grandpa (my Dad) and his first grandchild, Janae

Jerry and I with our fur babies

Jerry and I with our Grand-puppies
My parents
Well, Sandy-claus (as the kids like to call me this time of year) had better get to work. Looking forward to a relaxing Christmas day!

Merry Christmas!