Saturday, January 24, 2015

Winter Formal and a Cute Curio

Look at me..I am posting again already! I meant it when I said I want to get back to blogging.

Tonight was Winter Formal--shortly I will be going to pick Chantel and some of her friends up. I was disappointed that we didn't get good pictures (stopped at a friends house, it was starting to get dark and couldn't find any place good to take pictures..) Anyway--memories are still memories even if the pictures aren't that great.

Chantel looked beautiful and her boyfriend looked handsome. The theme was fire and ice and they went for the ice look :)

They went with a group of friends and one of the girls went without a date. I thought this picture was funny her standing alone pretending to feel sorry for herself :)

I also thought I would share my latest project...when I got it at Habitat for Humanity it looked like this.

Then when I was working on it Janae took a picture of a couple of her dogs in it and posted it on Facebook.

One of my favorite customers said she wanted it after seeing this picture and she didn't even know what it was!

Here it is all done--and that customer who said she wanted it did buy it! I have been very blessed to sell things so easily.

That's it for today---thanks for visiting!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Catching up

I am so missing all my blogging friends! I feel so bad that I haven't been regularly posting or following blogs and I really miss it. Many of my blogger friends I follow on Facebook and it makes me lazy about my blog. I don't want to give up on my blog though so I am hoping to get back on a more regular schedule.

We had a lovely Christmas. I let myself stress out way too much every year which I am still working on.

Here is a couple photos from Christmas eve at my parents house...

One of the best things about Christmas is the little ones and since Jaxon has become such a big part of our lives we enjoyed him so much this Christmas :)

He was so excited about Santa and so thrilled with every gift he got he was an absolute joy. I hope his Mama was seeing from up above what a wonderful Christmas he had!

Then I spent New years day in a way that I didn't want to start the new year...

Gage had a massive seizure lasting several hours. They gave him so many medications that when they finally got it to stop they had to transport us by ambulance to Doernbecher's Children's hospital and we were in the Intensive Care Unit for 4 days until he finally woke up.

When he woke up and I asked him to smile and he did and it was so wonderful. It was an emotionally exhausting 4 days.

So all is well with Gage now--other than he seems to have a cold now--but I can handle that. No more Intensive care unit I am hoping!

I have been busy as can be painting. I so enjoy it and have a following of ladies who love my items. It is helpful to pay the bills and makes me feel good personally too. I feel like I really have this painting thing down pat now. I promise soon I am going to try some new ideas and I will try to do some tutorials again.

Here is one of my latest projects...

New pieces of furniture create new photo ops for my daughter's dogs! :)

I just love this old dresser! I love what I did with it too. It was hard for me to sell this one because I wanted to keep it for myself!

So that is what my days are full of...taking care of my kids and Jaxon, all of our animals...and painting as often as I can! Winter Formal is this Saturday and though Wyatt has no interest in going, Chantel has been working on getting her dress and everything for the past few weeks. Winter Formal pictures coming soon!

If you have just a second I would love to see who is still following my blog these days--I am off to catch up on other people's blogs now!

Thanks for visiting!