Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Summer Garage Sales

We are having a heatwave. I do not do well in the heat. I easily get dizzy, see spots...all that crazy stuff. Besides that I get heat rash--like babies do. I am not made for heat.

We do have an air conditioner--but I hate to use it because it costs so much to run. So we close the house up, use fans and cover the skylight. I brought a big bouquet of flowers in the house since I won't be able to see my flowers for awhile with the house all shut up. I am feeling okay as long as I stay in the house by a fan.

The only time Fez gets to sleep under flowers is if I bring them in the house :)

So Chantel and I decided to go to garage sales. There was like 7 garage sales within blocks of our house..but Chantel suggested we drive anyway--because she hates the heat even more than I do! We have air conditioning in the car but still felt like we were going to pass out at the sales. We had to stop at home between sales and refill our ice teas.

We did find some fun stuff though! I got this set for my vanity for $6--the girl selling it said it belonged to her Grandma. I plan to shine it up.

I found this brooch for 50 cents. Can never have too many of these!

Duke wasn't too thrilled about the shirt I found for him ($1.50)--he hates the heat too and he has been depressed, though he likes wearing clothes usually. Poor Dukey. I took the shirt off after the picture :)

I found this blouse for me-- ($2.00)

I found this dress for Janae ($5.00)--so pretty--the picture doesn't do it justice.

The kids also got a WII game, and I got some shirts for my husband--so a good garage sale day. I felt so sorry for the people having the sales--they were all miserably hot.
Poor Gage started getting heat rash too so I took off his shirt and put a fan on him. It must be our Swedish blood that makes us not able to handle the heat :)

I wanted to show off my Star Jasmine--it is going crazy this year and smells amazing. The smell reminds me of my Grandma--it is so weird how a smell can just take you away to another place...a memory.

I hope the heat doesn't cook off the blooms!

Don't know how much sewing I will get done so thought I would show you what I want to be working on.

This is what I showed a couple posts ago...

What it is is the flap to a purse that I have been planning to make for over a year now--I am determined to get  it one just as soon as it cools a bit. I am using a pattern--which I never do! But I will change it up a bit and I think I will really love it.

I am making the ruffled one...of course!

I'm off to make more tea--Chantel says she needs more!

Stay cool and thanks for visiting!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Miracle of Miracle Grow

First of all, this post is not an advertisement. I don't do those. But when a product really works I figure it is good to spread  the word. Everyone always asks me how my potted plants do so well...and the answer is Miracle grow!

These sit next to my front door. I love this pale pink color. Just two months ago it looked like this...

The Petunia overtook the rest of the flowers--but they are still peeking through!

So hard that a $1.29 Petunia turned into this beautiful plant!

That is not the only pot doing well. Here is another...

I wasn't liking the pot that I planted these flowers were planted in. But then in 2 months it looks like this.

Now it really doesn't matter what the pot looks like!

Here is one more to show...from this...

to this!

So pretty!

I really love working with potted plants. I feel like I have more control and it is what I am used to because at my last house we lived on a hill and had terrible soil. But I love my garden blooming plants too!

If it wasn't for my beautiful garden flowers I wouldn't get to enjoy one of my favorite flowers!

 I hope that everyone has had a nice weekend. We had fun at Janae's having a birthday party for Janae's little Lacie. Janae is the perfect puppy party hostess!

You can see all the fun we had here

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

For the Love of Fabric

I love fabric. I would just love to have cupboards full of beautiful floral fabrics. Problem is I am kind of picky. I have a very definite style I like--vintage looking florals with aqua backgrounds being my favorite. I recently discovered Tilda fabrics. They are GORGEOUS! I treated myself to some and ordered it from the UK. Seems like all the fabrics I really love are coming from the UK.

Aren't these so pretty?! I was delighted when they came a few weeks ago. I have been sitting and admiring them and finally have a project planned.

This one is my favorite. It has that faded vintage look. These fabrics are Tilda's Country escape.

Another new fabric I love I found while looking for the Tilda fabric's. The seller called it "Tilda like" fabric and I had to get this one from China!

I love this one too--an as you can tell it is very much like the other one. This one reminds me of a fabric I love from the Simply Shabby Chic line. Janae brought me the bag from her duvet cover that I love and we compared. They are very similar!

I guess one thing you could say about what I like is that I'm consistent! Since these came from so far away I ordered them back around Mother's day sometime. I thought I needed to gift myself something :)

So it has been a regular Oregon Spring here. One day it is hot and I just sit and paint Ball jars and take in the scent of the Star Jasmine blooming on the back deck...

Then the next day it pours so hard the streets flood...

For entertainment my husband, kids and I watched cars go by!

We are true Oregonians...a little rain never bothered us! We actually love to dance in the rain...

An hour later we are back to pretty weather.

Gotta love Oregon!

Back to my fabrics--I just started working on a project. I am hoping it turns out so cute!

Here is a piece of what I am making....

Any guesses what it is? No fair guessing Janae, because you know :)

I'll be back soon with the finished product (I hope)..

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pretty Pink Perfection

I just love pink. I am quite happy for all my garden flowers to be pink, with the occasional lavender and white (of course).

My pink flowers are so pretty I have a hard time not taking pictures of every blossom.

Pretty roses in every corner of the house--so much prettier than store bought roses in my opinion.

Pretty pink perfection...

It is not only the roses, I adore my Peonies too.

I have to say though--Chantel is the one that is really pretty in pink right now.

Looking so beautiful dressed up in pink for promotion..I can't believe my baby girl is heading for high school next fall!

I am so proud of Chantel. She is a moral, sweet, compassionate and kind girl. She has a great sense of humor and is a lot of fun. We don't always see eye to eye (she is 14 and I'm her Mom--enough said) but when it comes down to it I am so proud she is my daughter.

Chantel and her friend, Alyshea

She had a great time at promotion.

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