Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break

This has got to be the laziest spring break ever. I had all these plans of cleaning out the garage, finishing painting the sun room, cleaning and dusting everything in the house. What happened? Nothing. We hung out. It was too cold to open the windows and clean the house. Instead we cuddled up on the couch and watched TV.

It was so cold outside, with the blowing wind and rain, that even though the house was warm we felt compelled to cuddle up in comforters.

We did go to Papa's Pizza with Eileen (best friend) and Griff (her son). Chantel's friend Daisy came too. I think that is one of the few times the boys and I got out of our pajamas!

Daisy (Chantel's best friend, not to be confused with Daisy, our dog) came and spent the night a night or two....

I think Daisy's boots look so cute on our front porch.

Thanks to Daisy and her parents, Chantel had some fun experiences during spring break.
Here are some cell phone pictures they took...

Chantel spent some time at the horse barns helping Daisy take care of her horse.

Everywhere in Oregon it is so crazy wet! The fields are flooded.

A really fun thing Chantel got to do was go to "Wicked" with Daisy and her family.

I am so happy she got to have that experience--she said it was awesome!

I bought some flowers....

But it has been too wet to plant them!

So today I am determined...I am going to sweep and vacuum, clean bathrooms, organize...
and get ready for school to start again! Hopefully next spring break will be more least not so wet!

Oh, so has everyone switched to the "new blogger"?  I think maybe tomorrow you are automatically going to have it. I am an old dog that doesn't like to learn new tricks--I guess it is fine.

Later: I have to edit this post to add these pictures that happened shortly after I made this post...

Has Mother Nature lost her mind???
March is not going out like a lamb, that is for sure.
I was cleaning the bathroom when I could hear the loud pounding on the roof of this crazy hail.
What do you do when the trampoline is covered in little balls of ice?

Jump,  of course!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Playing House

The aroma of delicious coffee is filling my house, as the rain and wind beats on my windows and I sit here on my computer during spring break. This is not the spring break I envisioned, but it is cozy. Chantel is at the mall with her best friend and Gage and Wyatt are watching cartoons. Though the weather is not cooperating..all is still good.

So what to do on a day like today? Play house! I guess this is kind of my grown up version of playing know the fun part. So I made some spring like napkin rings and set a spring table!

The photo below explains the whole quick and easy set of napkin rings I made...

I took some flowers from the scrap booking and home decor company Melissa Frances (who by the way I have loved for many years) and I hot glued them onto some ceramic napkin rings that I got a bag of for $2 a couple weeks ago at Thrift City. Aren't those just the prettiest spring napkin rings?!

I was so thrilled to find this set of placemats and napkins for $3.50 at Goodwill yesterday. They match my new wall color beautifully!

I also found a basket at Goodwill--also a perfect color for my table!

A little hard to tell in the pictures, but the flower napkin rings are a pale pink. Would love to add my pink to the table. I have to watch myself when it comes to pink though because before you know it the whole setting would be pink. I once thought about selling Mary Kay just so I could have a pink car. I love pink. Pink is a really great spring color!

So tonight we will probably have mac and cheese for dinner...but the table will look delightful!

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My Favorite Aisle

My new blogging friend is having a unique blog party (from In the Old Road) and I thought it sounded fun. So here goes.

Whats your favorite aisle? Well, I have many. I love the magazine aisle. I love the fresh flower area. I love the garden center. As I was walking around JoAnns yesterday I quickly realized on of my favorite aisles...

the lace aisle! I would like to have a yard or two of each please.

Oh, what could I do with this? Something wonderful I'm sure!

Then I can't help but to move a little over towards this area---

I adore a beautiful sparkly button!

Okay, so I am going to go link up to the party now. What a way to find out more about people--your favorite aisle can be pretty telling.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Walking to Goodwill

The other day Chantel and I decided it would be a beautiful day to walk to Goodwill.  It is probably about a mile away.  Well, as is our luck, it didn't stay a beautiful day!

That's a telephone book in their front yard. Around here we get one delivered about every month. What's up with that? Does anyone even use a telephone book anymore?
On our walk we passed a favorite house of mine. I have always loved this house. It is near Chantel's school--which used to be my school when I was her age. I have been admiring this house for many years!

This moss covered fence is at another neighbors house. I always think it looks neat when I walk by it daily to meet my Mom to walk at the school, so I decided to take a picture of it!

After going to Goodwill it started to rain. We decided to walk to Grandma and Grandpa's (my parents) because they live really near Goodwill. I knew my husband was going there after work to help my Dad with his pond so he could take us home. :)

My Dad's pond is so beautiful in the summer. I will have to post pictures of it later this year. Right now all the fish are still sleeping.

My parents yard is beginning to be taken over with ivy. Ivy grows all too well in Oregon. It is actually illegal to plant ivy in Oregon now. It is overtaking our state! But it still looks kind of neat in the picture:)

Our walk to Goodwill resulted in me finding this blue pitcher, that I just love.  We also found some stuff for Janae.

Love this little bird--Janae and I both got these on sale at Fred Meyers. Looks so sweet with the nest in it. It is suppose to hold a votive candle.

I got a couple of flowers to plant today. Sunshine..where did you go? Do you not know it is spring break?

By the way, my Mother loved her strawberry cart. Thanks to everyone who commented on it.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Carting off in style....

My Mother has a little shopping cart (I formerly called them "Granny carts", but I guess that offends some people, and online have seen them called "flea market carts") She uses it to go to nearby stores to pick something up quick.  I had seen cart liners at flea markets and online and knew I could make it cute. I know I should be working on painting the sun room but I had the itch to sew. My Mom had some really quality strawberry fabric she got years ago at a garage sale and so I decided to figure out how to make one of these cart liners.

So isn't it adorable? It took me all night last night--like almost 5 hours to make but I think it is so worth it! I think it is darling. I have seen them online for $125.00--and I thought that was a lot. But after all the work that went into it, and using like 4 yards of fabric I understand why they are that much.  Being a stay at home Mom, I have more time than money, so making them works for me! I got this gingham seersucker fabric at Walmart  because I thought it would up the "cute factor" if it wasn't all one fabric. That fabric compliments the strawberry fabric really well. It has kind of an old fashioned country look I think. I know my Mom will be showing this off to anyone interested so I have to keep up my reputation and have it be really cute. :) When I make my own I think I want to use at least 3 coordinating fabrics...for that extra cute look. :)

I made a large pocket on the inside so that Mom could put her keys, sunglasses, cell phone, wallet..whatever she needs. It holds quite a bit.

My cart is looking pretty sad right now...

With the one lonely yard of fabric...

I am going to save up some money for fabric and my cart will have the cute factor going on too! I am thinking I could line the inside with a sheet--to make it a bit more affordable.

So Mom brought me over this sad looking cart...

When she comes over to walk tomorrow she will be able to pick up this...

For as long as I can remember my Mom's kitchen has been decorated in this would look so darling sitting in her kitchen. But also, if you are careful you can fold it up with the liner on.

Mom will soon be going to the store to pick up maybe a newspaper and some fresh fruits and vegetables...

...and she'll be carting off in style!

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