Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fun at the fair

There is just something about the fair. All the noise and bright lights, yummy junk food, fun vendors, farm animals, and live music. Gotta love the fair.

Today Janae, Chantel and I went to the Oregon State Fair. It was a birthday gift to Chantel from Janae. They got ride bracelets and rode all the rides.

Personally I am not a ride person. I love the gardens and the handmade things. Chantel's reply to that is "Boring!"

I was also pretty impressed with some of the wildlife that was there this year!

Sometimes the cakes and things people enter at the fair blow me away!

It was just such a fun day!

I saw this horse painting I really loved. What a sweet face.

 I feel so lucky I got to spend a fun day at the fair with my girls.

We stayed until they closed everything down for the night!

The quality of our fun was better than the quality of some of these photos!

 Good memories! Can't wait until next year.

Janae wants to buy a foot jiggler for her house :)

 Who else went to the fair this year?

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another great weekend

It has been a nice weekend. Spent some time visiting a new baby (the first of Janae's friends to have a 2 legged baby) and I also got a lot of cleaning done. Always feels good! To make things even better..

 ..we had rain! I took this tonight at 8 pm when the rain started.  I was so happy I had to post about it on Facebook...and found that everyone was posting about the rain. Us Oregonians love our rain! I feel refreshed. The kids jumped on the trampoline and let it soak in.

I brought in some Glads--I think they are so pretty! Phoebe seems to like them too. My Dad got me this large vase at a garage sale and it is just perfect for my Glads!

I got these frames at Goodwill and I did my paint 'em white and distress them with Rub n Buff treatment on them.

Now I just have to take some pictures to put in them! I am hoping to get some good ones of the girls (Janae and Chantel) for these.


Walter feels pretty special in his new "hamster tote" that Chantel made for him.

I finished washing the rest of the slipcovers I started last weekend. Fez thought sitting on the cushions while the slipcovers were in the washing machine would be comfortable. 

Oh, also I wanted to share what I got with my birthday money from my parents.

Okay--so matter what I do I can't get this the right way--but you get the idea. I got this beautiful necklace..angel wings. I love it. I got it from Stacy's Shabby Shoppe It is rare that I get something to adorn myself..rather than my home:)

Then when Janae, Chantel and I were coming back from visiting the new baby, we stopped at Ikea. I have been wanting this stuff from Ikea ever since Janae got me the dish towels. So I spent the rest of my birthday money from my parents on this.

Now besides the dish towels I have the bun warmer (I have always needed one of these!) the apron and the pot holders. I love this Ikea line!  Thanks Dad and Mom!

This upcoming week should be a fun one. Next Saturday is Chantel's 14th birthday and my 1 year anniversary of blogging! Chantel decided things are just too busy to have a friend party. So she decided she wants Janae, her, and I to go to the beach. She wants to take the dogs. That will be fun!  On Wednesday Janae is paying for her to have a ride pass at the fair..I am going that day too. We are going thrifting in the morning and the fair in the evening. That should be another fun day! 

Can't believe she is almost 14.

Hope you have a fun week planned too. Thanks for visiting!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dying Patterned Fabric

I have seen other bloggers dying patterned fabric and that is something I hadn't thought of doing before. I love the look! 

I found this fabric a few months ago on sale for $2 a yard on Ebay so I got several yards of it. I dyed it with a little Aquamarine dye I had left and I think this little sample piece just turned out beautifully. I think it would be beautiful dyed pink too.

I usually dye things in the washer but since I was just doing little pieces I decided to do it on the stove.  I had a crocheted piece I got yesterday at a thrift store that I wanted a little less bright so I dyed it in tea before dying it in the Rit aquamarine.

I like the color it turned after about 20 minutes in the dye.

Another piece of crochet I did without using the tea and it turned out a beautiful color too.

I have dyed my favorite skirt awhile ago in the dye. It was orginally an off white color and I love the color it turned out.

It is fun to experiment and figure out the different colors you get with different amount of dye, the length of time you leave it soaking, and the color the item started out. I like the patterned fabric dyed so much I am dying a much more of it right now.

Also thought I would share my new rose bush once again--I think it is on steroids or something! It just got planted a couple weeks ago and I have gotten a few dozen roses from it.

I made a sweet bouquet for Janae.

So pretty!  I also am really happy my Glads are blooming, and my pink ones are starting to bloom and everybody knows I love pink:)

Also, wanted to share this little gift from my blogger friend, Sheri, who works here at our local Bi-Mart. She made this little dish scrubbie with crochet thread and fishing line. How creative! Thanks Sheri!

Well, I'm off to work more on dying fabric -- I hope to do some sewing this weekend with my fabric creation--stay tuned. :)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Candlestick Makeover

It was such a pretty weekend. Today was only like 85 degrees. I can live with that! It felt so good (on Saturday morning we even had a misting of rain) that I actually got a lot done this weekend. One of the things I decided to do was to remake a candlestick I have had for awhile.

It started out being just a normal silverplated candlestick that had kind of a plastic coating but underneath had turned kind of a tarnished color and I just couldn't get it sparkly pretty. Don't get me wrong--I like the tarnished look sometimes, but not on this.

I had pinned this post from Heaven's Walk and wanted to try her technique.

So I got together my supplies...Rub N Buff in Patina and Silver leaf and a Metallic pearl white paint.

I first coated it with the Patina.

Then I added some silver leaf in places and kind of sponge painted it with the pearl white.

I think it turned out so pretty--I love it!

Now I will be taking a second look at the silver plate aisle at Goodwill :)

Another thing I got done this weekend is Janae and I both cleaned our carpets. (we had a coupon, and we shared the cost of the machine rental) I love the feeling of taking everything outside, getting it all dusted really well, washing blankets and slipcovers, and the carpets being all clean and fresh. I love it when the house is clean!

Now, I have a fresh clean house and a pretty new candlestick. It has been a good weekend :) To make things even better the weather report is the 70's and 80's all week and maybe some rain. Also, what really made my weekend is I won Rosemary's Giveaway. I am so excited about that I did a happy dance! Life is good!

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!