Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pretty in Pink

One of the things I really love about spring and summer is that it allows me to decorate in one of my favorite of all time colors, pink.  As you all know by now, my pink rose garden is one of my favorite things.

I am totally in love with my new falling in love rosebush that Mom and I both bought recently at the Farmington Gardens 1/2 price sale.

I feel like I have already got my $10 worth of roses out of it and I know I will have years of beautiful blooms still on their way. How fun!

When walking the dogs last night Janae laughed at me as I was "stealing weeds" out of a neighbors weedy yard because I wanted some Queens Anne's Lace to go with my pretty roses.

I think it looks lovely!

When fully open this rose has such ruffled petals. Perfect for my self proclaimed "year of the ruffle".

My Mom found this cute little wire shoe at a garage sale.

The kids and I thought it looked a little too much like a halloween decoration in black. But I knew it would be pretty in pink!

Much better!

Mom also found this sweet little window decoration--for a quarter!

Summer is quickly slipping away and though I hate the heat I am still disappointed. I am such a spring and summer decorator--fall and winter are more difficult for me because I don't like the traditional colors for those seasons. Goodwill already has their halloween stuff out. I am not ready for that yet!

Most of my flowers are dead now..but at least my roses and my potted plants are still hanging on making me happy.

I love my front porch!

I hope everyone is having a lovely end of summer. I hope you will all inspire me to be able to do more fall and winter decorating in colors I can live with! 

Thanks for visiting!


Peggy said...

Sandy - too funny - I found the same little shoe - but mine is white. I thought it was so cute I snatched it right up!

Janae said...

I never knew those "weeds" had such a fancy name as Queen Ann's Lace. My favorite thing in furniture is Queen Ann Legs I didn't know this queen Ann lady had so many things named after her Lol. & I didn't imagine the Queen Ann's Lace would look so pretty with your flowers it does not look like a weed at all now.

Amanda said...

I love your front porch too! The roses are so lovely... i wish i had some to cut from my garden but still waiting for them with this weather! The shoe is so sweet!
Amanda XOX

Grandma Carolee said...

Your roses are beautiful, and the "lace" looks so good with them. I've only had two blossoms on mine so far. You really have a "green thumb" with potted plants and the front porch is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your roses are gorgeous! The heat of summer is not for me either. Your flowers still look amazing to me! Mine have been gone so long! Your front porch is so inviting! Thank you for sharing a lovely post. Have a great weekend!

goddessof4 said...

your front porch is so adorable!!!!! I need to plant more roses in my yard looking at your flowers makes my heart sing!!!!!! Blessings,Sara

Noble Vintage said...

I love queen anne's lace! we have tons of it in the fields around us, and I wish it would last through my show in a month :( it will be all dried up by then. Your roses are gorgeous, I'd love to get some pink ones!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I am so with you, I don't like fall colors either!! What will we do, pink and white pumpkins I guess. Your Mom is quite the thrifter, I love that shoe!! Your roses are gorgeous! You know when Janae gets married...Oh my, you girls will have so much fun!


Paula said...

What a beautiful flower arrangement - SO gorgeous! I love that delicate pink of the roses, and the combination of that shell like hue with the Queen Anne's Lace is stunning. The wire shoe transformation is lovely too. It's amazing hoe the new colours have made it look even more delicate and dainty.
A beautiful blog - so glad to have found you.
best wishes,
Paula xx

Ana said...

I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful, sweet, dreamy, soft pink. Your roses are absolutely gorgeous. Wishing you a wonderful weekend....Stay cool my friend :-)

Hugs and Kisses,

Unknown said...

Your porch is lovely and inviting , makes me wish I could come and sit and chat awhile.
The pink roses are beautiful !

Holly Loves Art said...

Awwww so lovely. Such pretty, pretty pictures! Nothing like pink roses.

farmhouse-story said...

your pictures are so charming, sandy! and you pick weeds for your neighbors--too awesome:)

i have a hard time decorating for fall--just doesn't blend with my stuff.

happy weekend!

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

Sandy: What a gorgeous porch! If I lived there, I'd be out there all the time! And yay--another Pacific Northwest gardener! Glad to meet you, thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving a sweet comment, and I hope your glads bloom for you, too!

Honey at 2805 said...

Your roses are gorgeous and your have a charming porch! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

Cheryl said...

Wow!! I love your pink roses and...everything! My first time here and I think I am sticking around a while.:o)

Zaa said...

Hi Sandy ...

Your pink rose is sweet wonder you are in love... OMG , you and your mother have found some fabulous little time I'm coming shopping with you ( Ha Ha). I just love those little wire shoes....

After a long successful day , who wouldn't want to relax on your lovely porch. Thank you for sharing ...ENjoy your week-end !!

Olivia said...

Awwww, this is adorable! I love your front porch! Wouldn't it be fun if we were neighbors!!!Happy Pink Saturday!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I love your front porch too, Sandy. You CAN decorate for fall with the colors you love. I've seen it done. Lots of inspiration in blogland.

Rebecca Nelson said...

I use to sell these shoes years ago when I had my shop. I have one very similar to it that I painted white. Just doesn't have the bow. Love yours MOE BETTAH! :)


Tara said...

Your mum has a great eye for pretties.Loving your porch and gorgeous roses..xx

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Sandy for gracing your beauty all over your site. I love the rose garden its a beauty to behold, and one to love :)

I had one of those wire shoes I wish I still had mine I could donate it to yours making yours a fitting match, but you know what I will be looking for at our local thrifts? is your match.

Thank you for your sweet time and comment over at my place. Getting busier now that the holidays are approaching :)

Beautiful weekend to you and inspiring week to follow.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love your garden and your roses. My blogs name in norwegian is pink rosesblog ;) yesterday I planted some pink roses in my garden. Lokk forward to each them grow <3

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Sandy, That little shoe is adorable. So cute in white. I am loving your roses too! Isn't it amazing what you get for the money you plop down for a rose bush? So much enjoyment. Now you've passed it along and we get to enjoy it too. Thanks! Oh, and I'm with you on the colors for the other seasons. I find it hard to get into Fall decorating. Of course, living in South Florida, there is no Fall, so it's a bit harder to muster a desire, unlike places where the landscape and weather actually change and encourage it. Thanks for stopping by Quirky Vistas to leave me a sweet comment. I appreciate it.

Anne said...

Your roses are beautiful!!!! And your porch is so lovely.You are so lucky to have a special place to sit and relax!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That is gorgeous, Sandy! Is that what this rose bush is called ~ Falling in Love? I'd love to get at least one rose bush in here at the new place. I had several rose bushes at our old house, but I'd be happy with one really pretty rose bush here.

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

Hi Sandi: Oh my, I enjoyed this post! Love the pink roses with the white Queen Anne's Lace--so pretty, and all the terrific little details that you have on your tables and in your garden--charming. Thank you for stopping by my blog today for a visit--nice to hear from you!