Saturday, November 15, 2014

Painting projects

Christmas is just coming too fast! I have been really feeling like Christmas decorating though ever since Janae and I went to a Christmas open house last night.

Buying Christmas presents isn't a problem for me as far as I am pretty good at knowing what people would want...where the problem comes in is having the money to buy all these gifts! So I have been painting hours every day in hopes of making some money for Christmas. It is fun to be able to make money doing something I I thought I would share a few of my projects.

This dresser is not a huge difference in the before and after but it is done in a way that was requested by a customer in Annie Sloan Original White. She loves it!

This little table my Mother bought for a couple dollars at a garage sale and it turned out so cute I wanted to keep it! It sold within a couple hours.

This next little table sold within one minute of me putting it on Craigslist--the lady was delighted with it.

Another one I wanted to keep--the thing is the project I just did is always my favorite!

This table is so sweet. I think the lady that bought this is putting it in her entryway of her gorgeous home!

As you can see I paint everything in Annie Sloan original white--because that seems to sell really fast. We all know I love white too. But Janae gave me a couple chairs when she cleaned out her garage and I did add a bit of color to them---for me!!

I just  love these chairs! I mixed some Emile with Old White for the purple color--I love purple! Both chairs are done now and I love them!

This year something really strange has been happening to me as far as what attracts me color wise... I have always really disliked red..but now I am really liking red as long as it isn't orangy-red.  I loved the window display at Camas Antiques last night.

So I was itching to paint something red for the I painted this small frame and put a Christmas card in it.

Baby steps! But I think this is more red than I have ever had in my house ;)

Oh and one last thing...look what I found at Goodwill!

It was a whooping $9.99--it had all it's crystals and everything but I replaced some of them with antique ones I had from a chandelier I am parting out and so it just adds to the appeal. Goodwill never lets me down!

I did a milk paint project I am loving--will share that soon.

I hope this finds everybody keeping warm! Thanks for visiting!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Good News

Hi everyone! Wanted to share some good news--Janae won the Petsmart contest! Thank you to all who voted!! It was a great birthday present for Frankie who just had his 1st birthday!

This is not the only contest Janae won this year--she also got best dog photo in the Petco contest and won a $500 gift certificate!

Isn't that adorable?! Janae puts a lot of thought and effort into these contests.

To prove this talent runs in the family Chantel for Honorable mention in the Petco contest with her Powerpuff Guinea Pigs..

Chantel also got 2nd place at the in store pet costume contest with her Guinea pig Candy Corn.

Yep--I have very creative daughters!

I have been painting like crazy---I will share my projects soon!

Thanks for visiting--and thanks so much to those of you who voted! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A favor to ask...

It is that time of year! My daughter Janae just loves entering pet costume contests this time of year and she does so well in them!

Petsmart this year is having a owner and pet costume contest and Janae is in the final 5 for the small pet category. Here is the photo...

Isn't that adorable?! I think she should win (says the proud Mama). Frankie is the perfect bunny and Janae the perfect Alice. The prize if she gets 1st is $1,000 which would sure come in handy for her upcoming wedding.

Alice in Wonderland was the theme this Halloween...with Wyatt joining in as the Mad Hatter too :)

Janae did such a good job with the costumes and Wyatt is such a sport to help out his sister with the scene.

So if you could help us out, could you please vote for Janae? It is much more fun than the voting we have been doing lately--lol. I now realize I don't think you don't even have to have a Facebook. (so you can try to vote Mom!)

You can vote here even have a chance to win $75.00 yourself just for voting. You can vote everyday for the next few days. (I think through the 7th).  

I have been busy as can be painting and selling my projects. Having so much fun! I will post some soon.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!