Thursday, December 4, 2014

Adding Red to Christmas

At 50 years old I will say that until now I have never hung a red ornament. I have had pink trees, blue and silver trees, and all white, but never a hint of RED could be found on my tree. My kids this year mentioned they would like a little more color in the Christmas decorations...and I surprised them and myself and added some red!

My Swedish blood is finally showing in my decorating.
Wyatt's Nutcracker collection looks great with the new color scheme.

I painted some of the frames on the tree in my favorite Red--Emperor's Silk.

Jaxon helped us pick out the tree this year--we were lazy and didn't cut it ourselves but just picked one out from the Elk's lodge.

Kids just make Christmas more magical.

I have a really bad habit of really getting stressed over the holidays. I am trying to relax a bit--I just want all my family to have a great Christmas and I always feel like it is up to me to make it happen. My goal this year is to just relax a bit. It is easier said than done.

As I sit here at my laptop I feel so blessed with my beautiful little home and my loving family. My heart aches for those who do not have a warm and happy place this holiday season. I can't even imagine being outside in this freezing weather--both for people and for animals.

Wishing you all warm and happy December days!

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