Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Cleaning

It has been months since I have done a post! I am not sure if very many people are out there anymore in Blogland but if you are please comment and let me know. I had a sweet lady on Instagram comment that she misses my blog posts and so I decided to check in with everyone!

Everything is well with me. I continue to enjoy painting furniture and spending time with my family. My life is not exciting...but it is happy!

This is my favorite time of year--with the first day of Spring being today! I have been working on Spring cleaning--washing windows, washing and ironing curtains, washing pillows and blankets, my washing machine has been working overtime for sure. I love washing away the dust of winter.

This year I decided to go even further with my cleaning with painting the walls. The five years we have lived here the walls have been beige and I liked them. I like to change things up once in awhile though and just finished painting the walls Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue. I couldn't be more happy with the color!

Do you like?

I really love the color. I struggle with clutter though, I want a clean look but I have so many little things (like clocks) that bring me joy!

I put beadboard wallpaper under the window seat. Janae bought it and used it in her house but her cats clawed it she ended up giving it to me. My cats are pretty good about not clawing fingers crossed!

Be a good boy Fez!

Usually I have a white cover on this chair but our yard is so wet and muddy I decided to use this grey cover Janae gave me during this time. The dogs go out and first thing they do is jump on that chair! You can see little Dafney sleeping on the chair. At almost 16 years old she sleeps a lot these days.

I decided to leave the other wall in the living room the original beige color. I may paint it eventually but I kind of like a neutral color behind the TV. My kids will tell you--I love the TV. lol

I have become recently obsessed with the HGTV show "Fixer Upper". Not only do I love the style of what they do on that show I love the couple and their kids. Don't we all aspire to be like Chip and Joanna?!

I have always loved the industrial look though I felt like it doesn't really go with my girlie looks I love. Joanna does a look that I love--she mixes the industrial with other stuff and creates a farmhouse look. We live in a farming community and I am loving the farmhouse look. I feel like she inspires me to change up my style a bit. :) 

I have been practicing my chalkboard skills too

I hope this finds everyone having a good day...and please do let me know you were here!

I close this post with a photo of flowers my Dad brought me the other day---

I'm a lucky girl!

Thanks for visiting!


Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Beautiful changes. And yes I love the new wall color.... Happy SPRING, it's my favorite season.... I haven't been blogging much either. Bit ot is always a thrill to see a post from am old favorite friend..hugs,

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Beautiful changes. And yes I love the new wall color.... Happy SPRING, it's my favorite season.... I haven't been blogging much either. Bit ot is always a thrill to see a post from am old favorite friend..hugs,

Jenna said...

I love the new wall color. You mentioned that you wanted a less cluttered look but that you have to many little things like clocks and such. I think if you changed the large printed floral on the fireplace wall then your room would look less cluttered...just a thought. I enjoy your blog!

Gayle Ann Berg said...

I love your beautiful home! Thanks for all the pretty pictures. I always enjoy your posts very much...

Shabby chic Sandy said...

The wallpaper is my favorite part of the room! I recently went through quite a bit to order it from another country--the wallpaper is here to stay!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Thank you! I hope to post more regularly..I love to look back at my old posts, it brings back memories!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I always enjoy seeing your posts too, and great to see you on FB now too!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Thank you I appreciate you commenting 😊

Gillyflower said...

Hi there! I live in Cornwall UK and have always enjoyed receiving your blog posts! I think that your new paint colour is beautiful - it makes all of your treasures 'pop out' and the effect is so good! We have got wonderful weather here today - very Spring like! It is SO good, after all of the winter rain! Love Gilly x said...

Good Morning,
I adore the blue you painted, looks so pretty. Love the wallpaper too, looks great. I love your posts and seeing your pretty home
enjoy your Spring day

Shabby chic Sandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dee Fisher said...

Glad you are back, missed your blog, and seeing what all you were doing. Happy that everything is ok with you and family but that you have just been very busy.

Cynthia said...

Your home is so lovely, Sandy! Glad that you decided to post today. I was a follower for a while without a blog, but now I'm creating content on my own. If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by. Yes, there are still bloggers (and now I'm one of them). Have a Happy Easter!

Lady Pamela said...

It is great to hear you are doing well and are still on the blogasphere. Thanks for posting.

Anahí said...

Hi Sandy! I´m glad you are back! This is the first time I leave a comment here. I wrote a comment the other day on Facebook, when you posted a photo of your living room. I told you I miss your posts. I love your house and how happy and cozy it looks.

pipigirl said...

missed you.... but we all get busy dont we. i absolutely LOVE the new color. your home looks AMAZING,,,,, dont be a stranger

Unknown said...

I love the changes. I love your blog and I have missed it soooooo much and you. I can not tell just how much I have missed you. I was just telling my daughter how sad I am because I think you are not gonna blog anymore. Also your daughters blog.. Sniff, sniff, so sad. I never blogged but I followed and lived vicariously through yours. I got so many ideas and it is just fun to see what is going on with you and your family. Please don't stop blogging. The world would be a sadder place with out you and your blog.

Connie said...

I have checked off and on to see if you are posting. So glad both you and your daughter are back! A wedding takes a long time to plan, implement and spring back from! I will try to find you on Instagram. I didn't know you were on there. Still love, love, love your blog!

JenndD said...

I don't have a blog of my own, but follow several, yours included. Yay to seeing your post and that everything is okay.

Unknown said...

Yes, we are still here! I check your blog everyday in the hopes I will see a new post, so please keep blogging, we are waiting! Gorgeous wall color BTW.

PattieJ said...

I've been away from my blog since Christmas time and just decided to make a short post and go visiting a bit in blog land today myself.... I LOVE how that pretty shade of blue looks with all of your decor. So pretty!!!

Valerie Cottage Making Mommy said...

I just found your blog I love it.

Unknown said...

I still check in regularly, Sandy! So glad you're posting again.
I love your home. It's so welcoming and your new wall colour is lovely. I love all the changes you've made.
I'm going to enjoy celebrating spring and summer with you as we continue through autumn and into winter here in South Australia!
Enjoy your sunshine!

Sisi said...

Beautifully romantic and sweet.

Donna Heber said...

Everything looks so gorgeous! I love spring too!

The Scarlet Petticoat said...

Hi sandy!
Even though I haven't blogged in at least a year, I always like to pop over and see what you're up to!
I love your blog and would miss it if you stopped. I also love the fixer upper show. For all the reasons you do! I think the number 4 mixed in very well with your decor. Joanna would be proud! All the best! Donna from The Scarlet Petticoat

Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know that I do check in every now and again to see what's new. I love the new living room makeover.

Unknown said...

Ma sha Allah

Heirloom treasures said...

Hi Sandy
So nice to see you back blogging. I always enjoyed visiting. Love to see all your news and decorating. Looking pretty.
I haven't been blogging much, not because I don't want to, but because my laptop wouldn't open so I bought an ipad which is ok for most things but I cannot quite get my posts right. Everytime I try to write or post a pic it jumps all over the place and takes me hours. Very frustrating. I'll keep on trying though but it just takes up so much time.
take care xx jeanette

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رفوگری فرش در اصفهان یکی از حساس ترین و منحصر به فردترین خدمات هنری در ایران می باشد که هر رفوکاری فرش در اصفهان باید بتواند آن را به بهترین شکل ممکن ارائه دهد . رفوکاری در اصفهان به معنی احیای بافت فرش است ، در واقع به معنای ترمیم بافت و شکل فرش به صورت حرفه ای است. یکی از وسایل حساس و ظریف در منزل فرش های ماشینی یا فرش های دستباف به شمار می روند که نسبت به دیگر وسایل به مراقب بیشتری نیاز دارد

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