Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random stuff...

Nothing too exciting happening around here. I am suppose to be making Janae a Valentines gift..obviously I am late. I keep changing my mind on what I want to make her. She got me an adorable frame for Valentines day that I love. She found it at HomeGoods.

Isn't it nice?! I love frames on a pedestal for some reason and Janae always find me cool ones.

Look at the one she got me for Christmas..

Doesn't it have a perfect shabby look?!
Speaking of frames--I love this portrait of Janae and Chantel my sister in law took in this frame I got at Goodwill and "fixed" it (of course) :)
 I have such gorgeous daughters, if I do say so myself. I am a blessed Mom!

I have been really yearning for flowers--as it seems many people in the blogging world are.

I am trying to force some bulbs in water..got the idea on Facebook.

So far, so good. I am hoping for a big bouquet!

The boys were sick last week..and I was a tiny bit sick (had a fever for a day) but I got over it quickly.

The dogs always like to sleep with Gage...especially when he is sick.

Wyatt wanted to spend some time checking Facebook...but I think Fez thought he shouldn't.

The boys are all better now and tonight I spent helping Wyatt get ready for Nerd day tomorrow at school.
He's one cute Nerd :)

Well, that's the random stuff going on around here. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shabby Chic Table Box

I have been inspired by so many boxes I see bloggers using on their dining room tables. I have been wanting to make one for awhile and finally I have made one that I just adore!

 I have to say--I didn't make the actual box. I am lucky to have a husband that is always willing to make little projects like this for me. He made it out of some of our old fence boards--making it have that wonderful shabby appeal.

So it started out shabby and I had to add the chic.

I started by painting it the same color as the sunroom-- Harbor Lane (my soul paint from Ace Hardware :)) Then I used the vaseline method and sprayed white all over it. (I did a post about the vaseline method here )

The chippiness turned out just like I wanted it too. I think I will get better and better with practice with this method. There are some paint drips and things but this project I decided I wanted to embrace imperfection...which is often hard for me!

I got the appliques and milk glass knobs used for feet on Etsy--with part of my gift certificate from Janae.  Thanks Janae!

I put appliques on both sides since the dining area is open to rooms on both sides.

I plan on putting pumpkins in it in fall...glittery pinecones during the holidays..blue Ball jars full of flowers in spring...and my lacey Ikea containers look just devine in it too! I will have a lot of fun decorating with this.

Oh look who is checking it out...

Our fairy Lula is making her transformation from Christmas to spring...

Lula will be doing her own post about Spring soon. :)

Gage and Wyatt have been home the last 2 days with a fever and sore throat.

 In this photo Fez is making sure Wyatt is doing okay.

I am starting to have a sore throat too--I don't have time for this!

I am hoping some iced tea and a magazine will cure all that ails me.

Hope this finds everyone feeling well. Thanks for visiting!

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Skirt for the Mantle

Last year I proclaimed 2012 was the year of the ruffle for me...well this is continuing into 2013 because I still feel the need for the ruffle! I was looking at my last post and thinking my livingroom was a little too tailored looking for me. I want to get a old fireplace surround to add to my fireplace, but my Kool Aid budget always gets in the way. So I had to think of something that fits into my budget..in other words, free. :)

I had the idea to attach a ruffle to the mantle and I really like it! I thought I would get moans from my family about too many girly things going on in our house...but everyone likes it! Even my 14 year old daughter who thinks nothing I do is right, likes it.  My husband even said he likes it a lot better. What?! I was surprised. Janae said she loves it.. but I thought she might :)

Here is the before---

I never liked the separation between the tile and the mantel...now it feels more like one piece.

Here is the way before, before we moved in...

I like it now--not so much back then.

Much better! We have yet to have a fire in this fireplace because we need to have it inspected. Someday when we do though I will be putting the ruffle up..just in case fire decides to jump out of the fireplace.

I sewed some trim on the bottom of the ruffle that my Mom got at a garage sale. It looks like tatting to me. I love it! I kind of like to add that "Grandma Chic" look to things.

I have more ideas to soften the look of the livingroom--I just need to get busy! I need some white ruffly pillows for sure!

I hope that everyone has a really Happy Valentines Day...

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Living with White, Kids and Pets

I love decorating with white. It makes me happy, it feels refreshing and uplifting to me. People ask me all the time how I live with white furniture with 3 children, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 hamsters and a Chincilla! Well, I wouldn't have it any other way, and so I thought I would share how I do it.

 I have Ektrop furniture from Ikea. I love it! I bought the above couch on Craigslist for $35. I was so tickled. This furniture is slipcovered and I will never have a couch again without a slipcover. I love that I can just throw it in the wash whenever I want too!

I also have this large chair that I love. It is so comfortable! We call this Janae's sleeping chair because when she stops by after work for a visit she often falls asleep in it.

I paid $25 for the chair (again on craiglist) and Janae bought me the ottoman ( I believe for Mothers day)  a couple years ago. I also have a Tullsta chair but Janae borrowed it and I am yet to get it back :)

I also have white curtains, white table covers, white bedding--I just can't have enough white!

Then there is the fact that I have kids and pets...

The way I feel about it is we all have dirt. You have a brown couch and the dirt doesn't show..you have a white couch and it does. Personally I would rather sit on a clean laundered couch then a brown dirty couch that looks okay and has been sprayed with Fabreze.

I can go the whole summer without cleaning the slipcovers but in the winter I do wash them probably every six weeks. Though I try to wipe the dogs feet when they come in after being in the wet yard we still get the occasional dirty footprints on the furniture. This is not an advertisement but I will share my favorite product...

These little power paks are the secret to living with white..in my opinion. I always make sure to not overstuff the washing machine and I let the covers soak for about an hour with these power paks. I do not use bleach, though I know some people do. Sometimes when I buy a tablecloth or something that has a lot of bad stains I use another product that I really like...

I have found this makes your whites really white and stain free.

My son Gage occasionally gets really bad nose bleeds. There has been times our livingroom looks like a crime scene! I discovered  that hydrogen peroxide works wonders. Just pour it on, let it fizz, and the blood disappears!

My kids and pets always come before my decorating..so I am so happy that living with white works so well for our busy family! I do cover the furniture with a lightweight blanket or comforter to help keep those doggie pawprints away when the yard is muddy.

I so love my white decorating.

Thank goodness it works with our family!

I have been really excited for spring..I even planted some paperwhites in the house.

My Mom's new baby Annie is doing really well. She looks adorable on my white furniture!

We love her!

So please share if you have any secrets for living with white!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

They call it Puppy Love

I know I have been posting a lot about family pets lately, but we have another new baby in the family! Janae's dogs I call my Grand-pups so I guess this new baby is my sister-pup!

My Mom has never had a dog of her own and now she has a adorable little Shih-tzu/poodle!

Annie's canine Mom is a small Shih Tzu and her canine Dad is a toy (they called it teacup) poodle. She is probably not going to be very big. She is the runt of her litter.

For my Mom it was love at first sight...

We enjoyed seeing her littermates too...

It was a fun roadtrip to Olympia, Washington. My Mom, Janae, Chantel and I all made the trip. Three generations all made the roadtrip to pick her up! Bentley also went with us to meet the new little one.

I am hoping for some sunny days so I can get some cute pictures of her when she is still a baby. Taking her picture is hard with her dark little face. She is such a doll.

My Mom has her hands full with training this adorable baby girl...but I am sure she will get through it. Annie wants nothing to do with sleeping in a kennel. She only wants to sleep with Mom.

Gotta love another new baby in the family!

She is kinda scared so far, but it looks like Bentley is telling her everything is going to be alright.

"This family will love you a lot"

"..and so will I!"

I promise I will get back to decorating and projects really soon! But right now I am busy playing with puppies :)

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