Monday, June 23, 2014

Love Rocks

There is love being spread around our community and I think it is pretty awesome.

Last October a horrible thing happened in our hometown. One evening two little girls were playing in the leaves on the side of a street that doesn't get very much traffic. It seems they may have been hiding under the leaves and unknowingly a teenage girl ran them over.

They were killed. One of the worse tragedy's I can even imagine.

The next evening the whole town gathered to mourn their death. It hit us all hard.

The parents of these girls are so amazing. It seems it is a tradition in their family to make "Love Rocks". They are rocks with little fabric hearts mod podged onto them. The Mother of these girls set up a Facebook community and people all over our town have been making Love Rocks and leaving them around for people to find and feel the honor of the girls.

You can find the Facebook page here...

It is the goal to have this tradition go worldwide.

I made my first Love Rocks the other day.

Most people don't paint their Love Rocks--but you know me, I paint everything!

You never know where you may find one...

I thought it was so cute when a friends daughter, Sophia, found her first Love Rock at Fred Meyers.

I think that Abby and Anna are smiling down from heaven with all the love being spread in their memory!

I hope this inspires some of you to spread some Love Rocks too :)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beach Cottage Desk Remake

I have caught the Annie Sloan paint bug and I just can't stop. I love expressing my creativity by bringing outdated furniture new life.
I found this desk at Goodwill and it is so different from anything I would usually pick but I love the heavy metal shell knobs it has.

I almost forgot to take the before picture--I had already painted one of the drawers! So glad I remembered at the last minute because I always love to remember the transformation.

I painted it in Pure White, Old Ochre, and Duck Egg. I thought the stripes make it look even more beachy.

What do you think? In the right home I think this would be so cute!

I love the seashells and I think the bamboo adds to the beachy theme too.

I don't know if you can see it or not, but I painted the bamboo in Old Ochre, just a little bit more tan than the white.

I think it is charming! I am going to paint a small chair to coordinate with it. I hope I can sell it and it finds the perfect home!

So what have you all been doing?

Update: I finished the chair! Thought it turned out cute so thought I would share it...


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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shabby Chic Gardening

This time of year I love getting outside. I love it when it isn't cold, it isn't hot, it is just right!

I love my "new" old farmhouse window that my husband made me a window box for hung on the fence. 

I think it looks great above the wheel barrow and with the arbor around it.

Janae took a picture of her Poms in this area and posted it on Facebook. One of her friends called it "Pom Blossoms" I thought that was adorable!

I am also quite pleased with my Petunia tower my husband built for me. Here it was in April...

Now it looks like this...

Can't wait to see what it looks like in July!

I love my "rocking chair" planter in the front--I really should grow something climbing on it.

Look who is smelling the flowers...hee hee

My little nephew, Jax, always asks me to go our on the front deck and look at the "beautiful flowers". He is so fun!

Our Dogwood tree is showing off how beautiful she can be right now.

We had a fun family get together the other day.

I love that we live within a mile of each other in my husbands family--and as you can tell we can have very informal and fun togethers. We really need to do it more often!

I have been really suffering with a hurt back..but I have still been getting some painting done.

Last but not baby girl Dafney had her 14th birthday!

We love her and wish her has many more birthdays!

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