Friday, November 30, 2012

Memories to hang on the tree

I have been so behind this year with Christmas. I still haven't gotten my tree! Usually I am going crazy trying to make gifts and decorate--this year I have decided to try to enjoy the season a little more and not stress myself out trying to be Martha Stewart :)

So slowly I am getting a little at a time done. Last night I finally got these frames painted and distressed and put copied photos of past Christmas' inside of them.

You may remember what they looked like before. I have to admit I have been dreading this job for the silliest reason... I hate removing goodwill stickers! I swear they have some kind of super adhesive. Can you relate?! Anyway it is done now, and I think they will look great on the tree.
I love the idea of having memories hanging on the tree.
Like thinking back to 13 years ago--when we had 3 babies at Christmas!
 Looking back to all the gifts Santa used to bring Janae!

Can't forgot the year Chantel got the Christmas cards we had received and she decided to "write back" to everyone on the cards.

It is also fun to look way back to when my sister and I were excited to get our new babies on Christmas mourn.

So anyway--every year I plan to add a few more frames. I think it will be a fun tree. Now I guess I need to get our tree!

Chantel keeps me informed how many days until Christmas--ready or not! :)

I hope this finds everyone remembering to take the time to actually enjoy the season...

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photo Session

Pictures are my most prized material possession. My sister in law, Stacey (along with a good friend of hers) has recently opened a new photography studio. She is really good! I am really proud of what she is accomplishing. Her Facebook page is That's Amore Photography...if you live in the Portland area--you should check it out!

So last night she invited Chantel and I over to "play" in her new studio. I am just delighted with the pictures. It was so nice of her to do these for us! I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Pictures are forever treasures!

I'm trying to get busy with getting my tree..and getting it up. Wish me luck! Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Magic of Paint and Glitter

I think I can make almost anything pretty with a little white paint and some glitter... 

I painted several things recently and the glitter just brought them alive!

They started out looking like this...

I like to spray paint on my old wicker and that way I don't waste any paint!

and turned into this!

Being able to transform things like this brings me joy! We live on an extremely limited budget--but our surroundings are beautiful! Thanks to a little creativity, some paint and some glitter.

The paint just naturally crackled just like it did last year on a similar deer. I love the look :) I am thinking he needs something pretty around his neck. He is looking a little too naked.

 I am planning to use this star on top of my tree this year. Isn't it lovely? Much better than the former gold look it had. A pretty tree topper for $2.99 at Goodwill!

Besides painting some pretties I also did some Black friday shopping with the girls. Janae needed a camera so we did the wait in line at Best Buy thing. It is always kind of fun actually. It has become a tradition. We always seem to find some line we need to wait and freeze in. :)

This is a cell phone picture of the girls sitting in line
My budget doesn't include things like a camera (and thankfully I already have one) but I did get this sweet crystal tree for $5.25 at Michaels.

I think it looks just perfect on the mantle!

I also couldn't help myself to get a couple more little houses which has become my new collection.

I got this white church at Marshall's...

This sweet little blue house (from HomeGoods) looks so cute with my pink house.

I am beginning to have my own little neighborhood! I think these will always bring back happy Christmas memories each year when I get them out. Some decorations are just special..that is how I feel about these.

I hope this finds everyone enjoying the holiday season!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our Early Thanksgiving

We had my parents and sister over for Thanksgiving today since we are going to my in-laws tomorrow. It feels good to have all the work done and our tummies filled with good food!

It was such a gorgeous day today--the sun was shining as I cooked.

Bunny Fufu (Janae's now famous contest winning bunny) visited with my Dad before dinner.

Dinner was really good. My husband smoked a turkey on the Traeger and I cooked a ham in the oven. Both were delicious. My Mom brought her delicious rolls and french bean casserole. I made stuffing, my fattening mashed potatoes, deviled eggs ...all the must have foods for Thanksgiving. Of course I made my pie.. the one the kids love so much they beg me to make it in the summertime sometimes.  You can find the recipe for the double layer pumpkin pie here. Last year I didn't take it to my Mother in law's dinner and my nephew told me I ruined his Thanksgiving. You can bet I won't make that mistake this year!

Bella loved that I used a bench for one side of the table..gave her a nice convenient place to sit and beg. Bella loves holidays that include a whole lot of food :)

Our pet family is a big thing that we are always thankful for!

There are some things that never change...

I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful thanksgiving with family and friends. Tomorrow our celebration continues at my Mother in law's house..and I will be bringing a pie!

One thing I am especially thankful for is my blogging friends. My life has been so enriched by you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sparkle and Shine

Though it may seem early to some people, I have to start my Christmas decorating now...or I won't have it done in time for the holidays!

Yesterday I was able to get my mantle done. It is very much like last years mantle with just a few small changes.

I just love all the sparkle and shine. Looking at it fills my spirit with the  magic of Christmas.

Last year this sweet Santa was on the windowsill. This year he is part of the mantle decore in hopes that our kittens can't get to him :)

I had to put the kittens in a bedroom while I decorated. As I got the pearls and things out they were trying to attack them. Hanging pearls are just too tempting to them. Since they didn't see me hanging them I am hoping they won't notice them. So far so good. Wish me luck :)

The mantle does kind of look like a kitty wonderland :)

The jean stockings I have for the boys I got when I was still pregnant with them. The girls' stocking are from Simply Shabby Chic. I have been thinking about making some pretty lace white stockings for them ..meant to make them this summer but never got to it. So we shall see if I get them done before Christmas this year. I do think that white would look better with the mantle. The boys on the other hand will have to keep their Wrangler jean stockings...they really don't want frilly white ones :)

So happy to be started on my decorating. I will get to enjoy this for almost 2 months! By the time it is time to take it down I will be so over the pretty decorating during the season but always look forward to going back to my more uncluttered "regular" look. :)

Have you started your decorating yet?

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The winner is....

 Using the random number generator...the winner is comment #54

Holly from Bella Nest :)

She wins the angel wings and the dreamcatcher!

She has a really sweet blog you can visit her here

Holly--please send me your snail mail address so I can send your prizes off to you! Congratulations, I think they will look beautiful in your home!

Thanks to everyone who entered :)

Have a great day!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sugar Plum Christmas

When I see all the pastel Christmas decorations starting to come into stores I think of the song..."I was Country when Country wasn't cool..."

I was sugar plum Christmas, when sugar plum Christmas wasn't cool.

I have always loved a pastel Christmas. For years I had a flocked tree with pink and white decorations. All my friends thought I was very "unique". Well now the market seems to be showing me I am not so unique anymore.

My rule this time of year is to save every penny to spend on gifts for my kids. But when I saw this little house for $9.99 at HomeGoods I really wanted it. There was only a few so I knew it was one of those now or never things.

 I have been enjoying it all day today so I am so glad I treated myself to it. I need to get some AAA batteries because it lights up :) How cute will that be? I want to live in this little pink house.

My daughter, Janae, has been decorating her house which has been getting me in the mood to decorate for the holidays too. I found a candlestick at Goodwill that I painted in pearl paint for the holiday.

Here it is before...

and after...

So much more me in pearl white!

I am really excited to decorate my tree this year. I saw this tree not long ago in Romantic Country magazine and I want to do something similar...

I have been collecting little frames at Goodwill. I am going to paint them white and put pictures of Christmas' past in them.

I plan to do a fresh Noble tree with all white ornaments. Should be fun.

Here is last years tree--

I also have some new ideas for the mantle---I am thinking some white glittery deer would look pretty on the mantle this year.

Here is last years mantle...

So much to little time!

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