Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fun at the Junk Sister's Show

Every year Janae and I look forward to the Junk Sister's Show when it comes to Hillsboro, Oregon. I sometimes think I would like to have a booth at the show--but actually that would be work, and I don't want to miss out on the fun!

This lighted sign was hanging when we first entered the show and it is pretty appropriate because I loved everything at the show!

I took a bunch of photos so I thought I would share for those who didn't get to go.

I have never seen so many pretty chairs in one place. I just love a pretty chair. It was pretty hard to resist them! How many chairs can one person own?

My blogger friend Denise from Pink Postcard always has a beautiful booth. I always like to paint my own pieces for my home but I really wanted to buy this dresser she had painted in milk paint.

I just love it! $300 is such a great price for it too.

Denise had other beautiful pieces too...

There was so much furniture that I loved...

I would love to paint this piece!

I am also so impressed with the way the booths are decorated. So much work put into this show!

So many cute things and great ideas.

The really nice people at one of the booths remembered Janae and I from last year. They said we are easy to remember with our blonde hair. They had the cutest stand with clothes hanging on it--Janae wanted to buy it for her bedroom but it wasn't for sale--just a prop.
They were nice enough to tell us how they made it--the spindles on the top are salt and pepper shakers! The decorative piece on the top came off of a dresser. How creative!

The show was so much fun...and what makes it extra fun that Janae and I enjoy going to it together. I am so lucky to have a daughter who loves the same things I do! She is my mini me.

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Grandma Carolee said...

Thank you for sharing all of the pretty things you saw at the "Sisters" show. I love that last picture of beautiful Janae.

primrosesattic said...

Looks like a great show. Lovely to go with your daughter. I am lucky like you my daughter loves all things vintage / retro so we shop a lot togeather.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I could have spent all day in there checking out all of the cool pieces. I bet you had a blast!

JP said...

I need a really good "show fix"...wish I was there! It is the best to have daughters to do fun things with...happy to see that you had a blast with yours. She is adorable!
JP said...

I remember last year when you both went, seems like yesterday. Wow the year went fast. Great pictures of everything there. Glad you had such a good time.

Anonymous said...

Sandy the show looks like it was such a fun place to visit! There are so many romantic items. I enjoyed your pictures! Janae is so pretty! I know you are proud of her! How nice that you love the same things!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Thank you for sharing, I love to see photos from far away shows!

farmhouse-story said...

great show, sandy! and janae's outfit (and janae) is so darling!

Pam Kessler said...

Man, all the good shows are out that way!!! Seriously, we need to up our game here in Ohio, because every single time I see great photos of shows its either in Oregon or Texas. Ohio? Not so much.

Janae looks adorable in her pink an outfit outfit and Chantel looks great in her white formal dress in your previous post :)

Annesphamily said...

Oh I would be in heaven shopping there. So many treasures! I am dreaming of doing some painting projects when the warmer weather is here to stay! Hugs to you! Meant to say loved the Ninja Turtle theme too! Our oldest son Jeremy is nearly 30 and he still loves his Ninja Turtles. LOL!

Noble Vintage said...

Hi Sandy! It's always fun to see photos of the show, because sometimes I don't have the time I'd like to get around and see everything while I'm there! Thank you so much for the mention here :) I still have the dresser ;) It was a fun show and I'm so glad you and Janae could come again this year. Always fun to see you.