Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little corner of my entryway

To the right of my front door is a little area that I really like.  There is a window there where I can look out at my front porch flowers.  This is the area I decided to share today.
This is the little area I am talking about.

This is the cabinet when I bought it at Salvation Army for something like $10

Of course, I immediately painted it white.

I always burn wax tarts--I enjoy changing smells often.
This is the printer box style house that I used my scrapbooking skills to create something that feels like I wanted my house to feel.  When I made this we knew we had to move to a smaller house and didn't know how we were going to afford to move anywhere.  There was even a threat of being homeless but I had faith things would work out and they did. I made this a couple years ago and decorated it in a way that I hoped our new home would be like.
This shows pictures of the kids years ago.

This is the "moving quote" I repeated many times through out our move.  I hate clutter!

This is before Janae had her own house and all her chandeliers--but it looks like I knew it was coming.  She loves chandeliers, and so do I!

This is our family like 10 years ago

I wanted to share this picture today too--since it was the first day of school  (6th grade) for my boys. As you can see neither one of them looks very happy. After sleeping til noon all summer the thought of getting up at 7:30am did not appeal to either one of them! (or me for that matter) I haven't shared much about my kids yet because I want to make a page about them on the side of my blog and haven't figured out how to do that !  Gage and Wyatt are identical twins but while in the womb Gage had a stroke and so he is disabled and doesn't walk or talk. I always know what he wants me to know though. They are both complete joys to me--nobody ever told me how sweet boys can be!
 Thanks for stopping by--I really enjoy your comments.
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Paint Me White said...

Your boys are gorgeous, so is your hallway.
Sandy x

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

It is nice to meet you! I enjoyed visiting your blog. :)


Janae said...

Looks Great mom!

Latane Barton said...

I love your little corner and what you have done with it. I know that the shadow box reflexs your home exactly.

Beautiful boys!! I have a grandson with severe autism so I can relate to your struggles and your joys.

Unknown said...

Oh how handsome your boys are..and your home is beautiful. I love your art house and the colors and pictures are stunning. that cabinet is a perfect size too. I would love one like it..I have to keep hunting..have a blessed weekend and hope the boy's didnt get too much homework! LOL!

Miss Charming said...

What beautiful children. (It's four weeks into school and we're still having problems adjusting everyone's schedule.)

I love the color you chose for your shadow box. It's so pretty. It really looks nice with the white cabinet.

Olivia said...

Your home and heart are beautiful!
So nice to meet you!

gena said...

ADORABLE - ALL of it ... but especially those boys !

I'm also the mom of twins (married to a twin, who also has twin sisters and who's grandmother had twin sisters !). One of my twins also had a stroke, but at the age of 15 when he went into heart failure from the flu. They're 20 now, my son has had a heart transplant and is still working hard to beat the affects of the stroke.

thanks for sharing !


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post tremendously... the story about moving, and your children... I had to smile about the boys not being happy about back to school. I used to be one of those kids that slept most of her summer away! I'm 50 years old now and still hate getting up early! lol Thanks for sharing. :)