Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodbye Flowers

I love flowers.  This year I have been so blessed to have a garden that produces in abundance.  It was like Christmas everyday to see what new flowers were coming up.  This is in comparison to my last house (which I lived in for 20 years) that was on the top of a hill and had red clay soil.  I tried raised gardens and things like that but years ago I just gave up. The lady who lived in this house before me was quite the gardener I am told by my neighbors.  I am thankful to her for all the plantings she did over the years!
I am in Oregon and it has been very hot recently and they are actually say we may hit 90 degrees for the next ten days!  Okay, so maybe that is nothing compared to some places but for fair skinned Oregonians like me that is HOT.  My flowers don't seem to like it either.  Though I water every night everything is just kind of fading away.  I guess it is almost is about to start..its almost time to decorate for Halloween.  But I will sure miss my flowers! This blog is a way for me to remember everything that makes me happy so I am posting pictures of some of my flowers.  
I adore this vase and the goosenecks I transplanted from my parents garden. I love them- they add so much to arrangements.

A Ball jar with flowers--pure delight!

More of my favorite vase

A single rose on my bedside table just calms me. Life is good.

Roses are a favorite of mine and our old fence makes a great shabby backdrop!

Along with shades of ocean blue pink is a very favorite color of mine. I got this rose bush at a garage sale for $5 and I love it!
These flowers were so awesome to use in my tall vases.

I enjoyed since next to this sweet pot of flowers and having an evening glass of wine.

I really love roses but I almost think I like peonies even more.

Such a sweet flower

The window boxes in the front are very shaded and I was very pleased on how well these flowers did in them.

My love of white includes white flowers

Another sweet flower that was so enjoyed this summer
I know that I have not experienced many other places and so maybe I have no right to say this but I believe Oregon is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  I am so happy to live here.

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