Monday, September 5, 2011

Chantels 13th birthday

Well, its over. All the celebrating of our youngest daughter becoming a teenager is over. The family party and the friend sleepover.  All the cupcakes have been made--most have been eaten. The presents are open and the paper recycled.  My daughter told me today that I could borrow money if I needed to because she is now rich. Things are good in her 13 year old world.
Janae  lights the candles for her sister

I made these cupcakes--I overcooked them, but aren't the cupcake sleeves adorable?!

Our pretty birthday girl at the family party

A couple days later we celebrated with her friends

This time Chantel decorated the cupcakes and they turned out better than mine.  Lemon filled-yummy. Love these cupcake sleeves too!

Special night I allowed Coke to be drank in the livingroom--it was difficult for me but nobody spilled!  They are playing the WII here.

Opening presents

Happy girl with her presents from friends
Well, one childs birthday is finished for this year, but later this month Janae turns 22, and next month my boys will be 12. We are a partying family this time of year!


Modern Country Lady said...

Congratulations! What lovely daughters you have.The cupcakes look fabulous, what a lovely idea to do this for a birthday!

Latane Barton said...

Chantel is a lovely young lady and talented, too. Happy belated birthday, Chantel.

Unknown said...

Oh to be 13 once again!!! (Well maybe 21) LOL! Happy Birthday to Chantel..she is a knock the cupcakes, and would prefer them rather than cake..the cupcake sleeves are so cool. I havent seen them in any store. Did you make them? You have beautiful daughters..

Grandma Carolee said...

Happy Birthday Chantel! I love you--Grandma and Grandpa