Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big John Portrait by Chantel

I have always enjoyed photography. I don't enjoy the technical side of it at all but I think that I do have abilities, especially when doing portraits of capturing the persons personality.  Both Chantel and Wyatt have shown interest in photography.  Today Chantel took a picture of Big John, and though she still needs to work on her focus I think she did a nice job.
 Big John is our last silver persian.  He is 13 years old (born about the same time as Chantel). Before the last 3 kids were born I used to show and breed silver persians. It was fun at the time but all the bathing, expense and everything else was just not in the cards after the 3 younger kids were born.  I never showed or bred Big John--we just ended up keeping him. His name comes from that old country song--and I named him that because he was the biggest kitten I ever had. He is a normal size cat now.
Big John with Bella when she was a puppy--these two adore each other!  I always wonder if they think they are related.
 Chantel loves her Big John!


Janae said...

Bella when she was a puppy? Bella still is a puppy lol! she was only 9 week though in this picture.

lambs and ivy designs said...

I love Big John and Bella...cute x 2 !