Thursday, April 10, 2014

Experimenting with Chalk Paint

I have had the painting bug for many years. I love to paint things. I love how things look painted.

I found this frame at Goodwill for .99 cents. I always pick up frames like this--mostly to use on my Christmas tree but sometimes to sit around the house.

I wanted to do a 2 tone look and it didn't come out exactly like I wanted it too. But I still like it and I am looking for advice on the next one.

First I painted it in Provence.

Then I painted it in Old white (24 hours later). Then the day after that I oh so lightly sanded it with a fine grit sanding block.

The blue didn't show thru as much as I wanted it too and so I cheated and dry brushed a little blue on. I like it but I wish there was more blue.

I am thinking I should have waxed over the blue areas I was going to sand before painting the white. Anybody know? Maybe the dry brushing is the way to do it.

It is still pretty though. I do so need a new picture of my kids all together. Sorry kids--I know it is torture but we need a new picture.

I found something else at Goodwill that I love--

This has knots and things that make me think it is handmade. I just love it I think it is so pretty...and only $2.99!

Then my new desk--so excited about it. I think the guy at Goodwill thought I had lost it though. I sometimes feel like I need to explain myself to the workers. Wyatt and I saw this desk in the morning and I thought about it all day and then went back that afternoon and got it. Thank goodness it was still there. I hate when I have "didn't buy it" regrets. This is going to be my next Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project. 

Like I told the guy at will be beautiful when I am done! I already had the chair--been in my garage for years and it is perfect with it I think. The desk is super heavy and well built. My husband thinks it is really old.

My husband is in the process of fixing the broken piece on one of the drawers. The desk was only $9.99. I have great plans for it!

To end this post a little public service announcement...

I am a huge fan of Oxyclean and they now have a new detergent additive and laundry soap. I had coupons and go them and I was so impressed! Just thought I would share.

Thanks for visiting!


Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Your frame turned out beautiful. I like it the blue maybe with dry brushing some white? I think it looks good just the way it ended up with the white a tad of blue showing through. Your items are always great. I can't wait to see the desk when your finished..

Heaven's Walk said...

Great job on the frame, Sandy! Love that blue and white combo. :) You could always water down some chalk paint and lightly wash it down that way, too. :)

xoxo laurie

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Well the gals before me had a couple good ideas, I love the blue and white.......$9.99 what a steal on the desk!!!


Jasper's Cottage said...

The frame looks beautiful, I love that shade of blue. I'm really new to painting stuff but I love it, it's always fun to experiment.

LOVE the desk, can't wait to see what you have planned for it!
xo Jonni xo

Heirloom treasures said...

LOvely frame Sandy. I think it's perfect the way you painted it. I wouldn't put more blue on. Love the desk too. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Great price

Unknown said...

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JP said...

Great scores, Sandy! The dresser scarf was a steal at that price for sure and I can't wait to see what you do with that desk and great chair. I think your frame turned out lovely and will look forward to seeing the new group photo you will "soon" be putting inside ;)

Grandma Carolee said...

I really like how the frame turned out, and am looking forward to the photo you will do with the will be great, I know, because you are a good photographer. I know you will make the desk beautiful.

Curtains in My Tree said...

great find on the old desk, it will be so pretty after that chalk paint hits it i'll be watching to see her all finished up

Melanie said...

The desk will be lovely Sandy, can't wait to see it! Hate it when I have that wish I had bought something regret too! I have had this week over something I saw last week!

The frame is lovely, you did a great job, but the picture inside the frame is even better! Have a great weekend!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great frame, Sandy! When I've done two colors I usually wind up sanding a bit more than I expected to get the color to show through. Not sure about the wax but I'm sure someone will have an answer for you.

Love that desk you found! I'd love to find something that size and with drawers. I can't wait to see it made over!

The Scarlet Petticoat said...

hi sandy,
as always i enjoy reading about what you are up to! i know the desk will be stunners when you finish it. the frame looked very pretty to me and i appreciate the tip about the oxiclean. i love their other products and can't wait to try these. i appreciate you stopping by my blog and your encouraging words. thank you!

farmhouse-story said...

love the finished frame, sandy! the desk was such a find! it will be adorable painted and topped with the lace:) i need to try laundry oxiclean--hadn't seen that yet-tfs! have a great sunday!

Donna said...

I'm also a huge fan of Oxi Clean!

Your desk and chair are fantastic - and it's so funny because I just posted about my desk and chair tonight!

I love your picture frame (and even moreso, the photo inside it!) You were right when you said to apply wax to the basecoat before applying the top coat of color. I use just a regular white wax candle and generously rub the candle over the bottom coat of paint wherever I want that color to show through once I've sanded. But yours does, indeed, look beautiful the way it came out!

Have a wonderful week!


Karen said...

I think your frame is really pretty and that desk is beautiful. I can see why you went back for it. I know it will be stunning painted.

Sherry Hicks said...

Sandy love that you tried chalkpaint it looks pretty! the crocheted piece looks handmade to me as well I have done a few pieces and this took someone a couple months to do probably can you imagine all that work at a yard sale it is someones family heirloom. what a find on that desk it is perfect!! Have a great evening!!

Atelier Wiba said...

I love your blog!

Cindy said...

Oh cool! Thanks for the tip on the Oxiclean!
You're so going to make that great old desk and chair amazing. I can't wait to see what you do with it. I think the frame turned out pretty! I use Annie Sloan too... and when i do projects i can never remember which combinations of what ends up making a piece look perfect! Old White over something, or under another color etc... so i know the feeling


Karen said...

Hi! I don't have a blog but love to see all of the beautiful blogs on the internet, but more than that I like seeing the Heart in everyone. Your family and your daughter's blog are two I like to follow because I know I will be cheered up and love whatever you do. And I love, love, love, all of your animals mixed together and looking so pretty. You both have inspired me to make clothes for my 2 pom-chi's (Small like a chihuahua but furry and look just like Janae's babies. Onto the painting, I too have tried what you did to the frame and some are okay and some awful (to me) and some really nice! One thing I would do is do the base in the coat you want to show "thru", always clear wax the first coat, then do the second coat in the color you want to show most. So for your frame, paint it the white first, a good covering coat, then wax it, (can do the candle thing to areas you don't want blue on, but I distress so I don't do candle), then the blue color, then clear wax, then dark wax if doing both (Clear comes before dark), then distress as you like using a light hand unless you some of the gold to show thru, then another coat of clear to seal your work and done! Hope this helps! God bless you and family!

MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Just to help you out on the blue show through. Try rubbing candle wax on the blue before using the top coat of paint. With Annie Sloan if you use a damp cloth the top coat will melt and you can rub it right off leaving the blue underneath to show through. Or instead ot the candle wax you could use Annies wax and just put it on the blue yoou want to show through, buff it, then the damp cloth will not harm the blue. Also using the damp cloth BEFORE waxing stops all that sanding dust! Hope these tips help Joan