Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Kindness of Others and a Beautiful Day

I am so blessed in so many ways. I am just surrounded with the nicest people. 

I saw these adorable Mason jar measuring cup sets on Facebook. Everyone who saw them knew I would so want them. :) They were sold out online so when my childhood friend found them at World Market near her home as a random act of kindness she set me one--and to make it even more sweet and thoughtful of her she sent me one for Janae too!

Isn't that just the cutest set of measuring cups--and so practical too!

It just makes me happy every time I see it not so much just because I think it is cute but because my dear friend gifted them to Janae and I . So sweet of her!

Another kindness shown to me this week was from a neighbor. Every year I spend a lot of time sprucing up my front deck and repainting my wicker settee which gets very weathered over the long Oregon winters. Well my settee had had it this year and I put it out in front with a free sign. The next day the neighbor came over and said she had a settee stored in a guest bedroom for the last 20 years that she would love to give me.

I love it! So nice of her. Can't wait to make some pillows and make it all cute. You can see what I have been working on---trying to get all the paint off the front deck and get it back to wood. Oregon is just not cut out for exposed painted wood. I am planning to rent a sander to get the rest off. What a job! I have been fighting this paint for the last few summers we have lived here. So much outside work to do the next month or so! I am hoping to get it done so I can just enjoy the outcome during the summer :)

What a beautiful day it was to get some of that work done today!

It was in the low 70's today--I thought it was perfect. My kids complained it was too hot and even my Mom's dog didn't want to walk. Us Oregonians are such heat wimps.

The spring flowers are blooming but the beds need weeding. So I worked on that most of the day.

When I was outside in the back I was put in charge of babysitting the Guinea pigs who came out to enjoy the beautiful day and eat some grass.

Our dog Daisy has never had puppies but she tries to Mother everything. She totally Mothers Gage and when the cats were babies she totally Mothered them. Now I think she thinks she had a litter of Guinea pigs! Chantel brings them out in this basket and she was just so worried they were going to get out.

Chantel always puts a bow in Mama Paisley's hair--she looks so cute :)

I have been working on our "outdoor room"--otherwise called the covered patio. Since we have a small house I like to use this outside area as a place to hang out. I have lots of ideas this year and I think it is going to look the best yet!

Janae gave me this wicker settee for the back patio--yet another act of kindness! The piano bench coffee table I have had for years and I love.

The table had really weathered so I primed it and painted in pink...which looks so pretty peeking through the lace tablecloth.

I have had this Cath Kidston fabric for years and I knew someday I would find the perfect use for it. I am going to make a ruffled bench pad with it.

Won't that be perfect?!

The Wisteria covers the top of the covered patio--it always looks pretty but this year it looks like it is going to bloom more than it ever has. It has never had this many buds before!

I can't wait for it to bloom!

This is such a great time of year---everything is new again--including the weeds. I made a huge dent in the front yard and parkway today. In Oregon we grow beautiful green grass and lots of healthy weeds too!

Have a wonderful day -- Thanks for visiting!


Pam Kessler said...

That is hilarious that the kids thought it was too hot! The guinea pigs are adorable. I miss ours and may just have to get another one now that I've seen yours. We used to put them out in the backyard, but we had to make a chicken wire pen for them because the hawks would start circling the house and I didn't want him "picked up" by one of them. Enjoy your nice spring weather!

Melanie said...

Love those Mason jar measuring cups! Knowing that a sweet friend gave them to you would make them more precious!

So funny that the kids thought that the 70's was too hot! I consider that just right temps!

Your flowers are lovely! I was happy to see flowers here too! I missed them so bad this winter. It seemed as if they would never come back! I was happy just to see the purple flowering weeds this year! Love the sette, what a sweet gift! The fabric will make a lovely cushion, can't wait to see it when you are finished!

Grandma Carolee said...

This is a beautiful post. I especially enjoyed sitting at the table in your "outside" room after walking. I"m looking forward to the wisteria to bloom, too, as well as the star jasmine. You are making your home & yard so pretty!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Sandy! It sounds like you have some very thoughtful people in your life. Those mason jar measuring cups are adorable and I love that they make for a great counter display piece, too. I can't wait to be able to plant some flowers. The only thing I have so far is a pot of pansies. Our weather seems to be turning around recently, so hopefully it won't be long!

Stacey said...

I love this kind of post with little bits of life. :) You do have sweet friends and so do I. I really do believe that what we give out comes back to us. Your new wicker settee is wonderful along with your flowery yard.

Karen said...

Hi Sandy,
I just love white wicker benches too! What a kind friend you have to gift you with one. They are so pretty with pillows. Your outdoor table and chairs is gorgeous and the pink table is perfect! I was outside moving furniture around and looking forward to warmer days yesterday but today we are back to rain. You have such beautiful taste and it is always such a delight to visit your posts! Have a wonderful week! Karen

Our Hopeful Home said...

Can you send your neighbor over to my house? lol Love that bench, I've always had a soft spot for white wicker. I've been trying to stay away from World Market lately to avoid spending money but now I think I'm just going to have mosey on over there! Love the blue of those measuring cups, so cute for display!

Marissa said...

Love it all!
you really have some wonderful people in your life


farmhouse-story said...

the measuring cups are awesome, sandy! your outdoor spaces are off to a great start--love the wicker pieces! the fabric is so pretty, too! have a great day:)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh my goodness...adorable! I would so love a set, but I can't find a World Market by me!

Junkchiccottage said...

Everything is so pretty. Your porch is looking great. I love the adorable Guinea pigs in the basket. Too cute. Glad you are getting such perfect weather. I love those Mason Jar measuring cups too. I saw them at World Market and thought they are pretty cute. What a sweet friend to send those to you.

Ana said...

Oh my goodness Sandy, you have been one busy little bee. I am sure your porch and patio are both going to look awesome when you are totally done with them. Ooh, and love the measuring cups. Such a sweet gift.


sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

Wow! you have received a lot of great gifts! I love the settee. I can't wait to see the finished room.

Amy Jo

ShabbyBeauty said...

Hi Sandy, I live in Melbourne Australia and I just love your site. Your projects are lovely and your sense of humour is delightful. I always feel inspired after catching up on your latest adventure and can relate to your thrill at finding a treasure at the local thrft store. I love your gorgeous animal photos as I am an animal lover too. Your site is uplifting. Kind regards Suzanne

Cindy said...

I love your porch with all the flowers and the settee. I even kindof like the chippy paint that's on it now!
All your gifts are so sweet too.