Monday, March 31, 2014

Let There Be White

I love white. Bet you guessed that from the name of my blog. I do love pastels also and lately I think I probably should have named my blog "For the Love of Paint" --because in all reality I just love paint. I love the look of a painted surface. It makes me happy.

Janae has been telling me I should do it for years and I finally did it---

I painted my window seat in the living room white.

The wood color was nothing I liked--and the finish was wearing off and it needed to be oiled or something and so I decided just to paint it--like I have thought about for so long.

The cats had to be locked in my bedroom because this is their window and there was no way they were going to stay off it while I was painting.
It took a lot of paint--the first coat of primer and it was still bleeding through so I did a second coat of primer. This bunny (put out for Easter) looks like she in inspecting my work.

Then I put on 2 coats of cotton white paint and I am so pleased how it looks. I washed and ironed the curtains and when I got up this morning the sun was shining brightly. Even though this house is never really dark--the white on the window seat made it so much brighter!

This window has always been one of my favorite things about this house and now I love it even more!

So glad I let there be white! I want to make a cushion for this window and some pillows and make it look more comfy. Buying the foam to make a cushion is like $100. I can't believe how much foam costs. I was thinking maybe I could use a camping foam to make something. Any ideas on making a cushion spending little money?

We are getting a lot of rain lately but there has been sun breaks where I have got out and been "removing winter" from the gardens. It is so much work! I need to repaint some of the outside furniture and clean up the decks besides working on the gardens. Oregon winters are hard on all that is outside.

When it is nice the kids bring their guinea pigs out for outside play time.

They are so cute and so funny. I never knew Guinea pigs have so much personality! The babies are almost full grown already.

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Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my gosh, Sandy! What a difference! It looks beautiful!!! You must be doing the happy dance, girl! lol It really brightens up the room and reflects light into it.

You could always take a single duvet cover and stuff an old quilt (or two) in side instead of using foam. I've done that before and it works pretty well. :)

xoxo laurie

Sweet Melanie said...

It looks great!!! What a HUGE difference it made and the window even looks bigger. It's amazing what some white paint can do isn't it?!

Junkchiccottage said...

What a wonderful difference. It looks amazing. So pretty.
Great job. Those little furry friends are so adorable. They just make you smile

Janae said...

It looks so much better white I love it! I bet the cats are happy to have the window back now :) . The Guinea pigs look so cute!

Jasper's Cottage said...

Oh yes! I love the "new" white window seat. It looks like it was always meant to be, great job!
xo Jonni xo

Heirloom treasures said...

Sandy,it is such an improvement. I was just thinking before I read it how nice a cushion would be. You could make it a soft cushy one stuffed with wadding and pinched in with big covered buttons. I buy bed pillows really cheap and pull out the stuffing. It's the cheapest way. Good luck with it. I have never seen guinea pigs that big before they are lovely.

JP said...

What a change, indeed! It looks so light and airy and flows so beautifully with your room. If I think of a resolution for your foam cushions I will let you know.
And darn, your guinea pigs sure are a "hoot!"

farmhouse-story said...

it looks wonderful, sandy. i painted my window seat a couple years ago, and still love it:) back then, i just added 3 (standard bed) feather pillows for cushions.

when we got bailey, the seat quickly became her spot, so now, it's bare.
the g-pigs are adorable, and i'm amazed how fast the babies grew!

Melanie said...

Wow! What a lovely difference the white paint made! Laughed when I read that the cats had to be locked up. We had an incident here last fall when Maizie walked across the paint tray and ran through the house, leaving a trail of kitty paw prints on the wood floor.

The guinea pigs are growing! Love reading about these little ones. they look so sweet, love their little play pen outside! Trying to remove winter here too. Glad to see it leave this year!!!

Ana said...

I love window seats! I'm actually surprised you hadn't painted it earlier because I know how much you like paint and of course how much you love white. It turned out absolutely beautiful Sandy.


Diane said...

Your window seat looks beautiful painted white. What a lovely window and such fun seeing your guinea pigs enjoying the outdoors!

20 North Ora said...

That paint job made such a difference! Looks great.


Ollie said...

This is such a pretty difference! Your recently painted chair looks perfect next to the window - the bunny is indeed cute.

Unknown said...

Love your blog! I too have been painting everything in sight the last few years. If you could get hold of an old sofa that someone is trashing you could ask for the cushions if they're not in too bad shape. I got hold of an old futon cushion from our Habitat ReStore and covered it to use as cushions on my banquet benches. Much cheaper!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

The window seat looks great white, Sandy! Definitely flows with your home's style, too.

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

That really made a huge difference! It is amazing what paint does. Those little creatures are just so darling.

Amy jo

June said...

It looks so amazing Sandy! It looks so light and airy and I can only imagine how great it will be with the seat and some pillows. The cats are going to love it!!!!!!
sending hugs...

Laura T. said...

I think the white paint looks great! Love it!
It's so nice to see green grass & flowers & sun!
Spring is is still struggling to get to Chicago. It doesn't help that it's been so cold & dreary! My spring flowers are just barely peeking out of the ground! I didn't get a chance to comment on the last post, I wanted to say how beautiful your painted chair turned out!

must love junk said...

That looks just amazing! Great job :)

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love the window seat in white. It makes an amazing change!

Shabby Chic Waldorf Mama said...

On Pinterest I saw an idea of making cushions out of old flattened pillows. I am planning to give it a try for two dormer windows and the top of a trunk bench. I love your home, I hope to have my own someday and "steal" some of your ideas!