Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer stuff

I am still alive. Barely. The next few days are expected close to 100 degrees and over and just staying alive seems like about all I plan to accomplish. When the evenings get cool enough to cool the house down it seems bearable--but the next few days I doubt that will happen.

We are trying to take care of this sweet little bird.  Jerry found it in our driveway and it seems like it was suffering from heat stroke. At first it could fly but it just seems to be getting weaker and weaker. Poor little thing. It seems so sweet. It has been hanging out with us for a couple days now.

The kittens are getting so big. They want to shoot out the door everytime we open it so Chantel took them out on the porch to show them it is not that great. (but I think they like it) They sleep all day and when the house gets cooler at night they turn into what the kids call "Ninja kitties". They run from one end of the house to other doing naughty things (like jumping on the dining table or climbing the curtains) and they seem to get a thrill out of getting me off the couch to chase after them and tell them "NO!". My trying to discipline them seems like a fun game to them.

Soon they will have their surgeries and that should slow them down a bit...at least until they heal. I am thinking they are very healthy because they are so hyper. I'm really happy about that considering they were raised by bottle and everything. They are the most loving cats ever, really really sweet and not timid at all.

It was my Mom's birthday the other day and I stayed up all night making her gift. It took me forever because it was so hot. I set up a fan blowing toward the sewing machine. I had thread everywhere. Mom is 69 now and keeps saying she is in her 70th year. I would never say I am in my 49th year--being 48 is bad enough:) Mom I think sometimes feels older than she is--though she doesn't look it at all.

I made her another purse with photos of the kids that I printed onto fabric transfers I got at Walmart. This purse is a little more summery looking than the other purse I made her. see it here 

I found some sweet summery cherry fabric for the lining and ruffle. I already had some cherry fabric I used to make an inside pocket.

The big advantage to this purse is I made it so the photos can be taken off and changed because they are held on with velcro. Mom loves to have pictures on her purse. So now when there are new cute pictures of the kids I can make her a new front for her purse.

She really likes it.

My roses continue to be surviving through this heat. I am excited about the new rose I am going to get next year. 

It is not available until next year but I think it is so beautiful!  After I get this one I will have 4 pink rose bushes outside by my bedroom that I think are the prettiest pink roses ever.

Side by side, David Austin's Wildeve and Eden roses

I hope everyone is finding a way to stay cool. Thanks for visiting!


Amy Chalmers said...

oh those are pretty roses...and how nice of you to make a gift for mom in the sweltering heat! I hope you get cooler weather soon.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

So sorry you're still suffering my friend. We had a little break from the heat, but may have another round. Love that purse you made. Try to stay cool.

Lady of the Woods said...

I'm melting too in south Florida. But I love hearing about your kitties...wish I could find another affectionate angel as my last one. Love the gift you made...handmade is so special I think. blessings, lady

Amanda said...

Hi Sandy,
Oh my goodness... i just love the little picture of your daughter on the porch... the porch is so lovely, i have dreamed of a porch. You are ever so talented with your textiles... the bag and purse is ever so sweet! The new rose is charming!
Thanks for inspiring me!
Also I can't thank you enough for the feature as we are up to... 47 followers! And it's all thanks to you!
Lovely post!
Amanda - www.notsoperfectmess.blogspot.com

Janae said...

Grandma's purse turned out great!!! The pics of Chantel and the kittens are really cute ones! I feel so bad for the poor bird :(

farmhouse-story said...

sweet bag, sandy:) and look how much bigger the kitten has gotten! you know, the last picture looks like a painting--just beautiful!

Melanie said...

The rose is just lovely! love the bag you made for your Mom, I can see why she would like it!!! So sorry that you are suffering, i understand how you feel, on days that are that hot, it does seem like all you can do is just survive!!! The kittens are growing so fast!!!! Love the pictures of Chantel and the kittens!!!

Grandma Carolee said...

Beautiful post. I love the new purse you made for me...love showing it off to my class and when I shop. I"m really enjoying the bracelet that Chantel made for me, too. Hope there is some way you all can stay comfortable these next few really hot days.

Anonymous said...

So sorry the heat is so bad! The poor bird! I guess the heat has been too much for it too. The kitties are growing and are so cute! I know they can be active! I have had so many too. Love your roses! Take care and I hope you get some relief from the heat soon!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Well I'm in my 53 year and that makes me feel OLD just saying it! BAH!

I hope your birdie survives. Yesterday the high in our town of Oklahoma was 84. WHAT? Felt cool after hitting 113. I wanted to die. Don't even want to SEE our electric bill.


Anneke said...

such a beautiful post and photo,s.
is that your granddaughter?
she is very pretty.greetings from Ann

Cindy said...

Ok, there's that Wildeve again, and everytime i see it i love it! The purse for your mom is adorable, what a cute idea to have photos on it, that way she can show off her grandkids. I laughed when you talked about the ninja kitties... i've sooooo seen cats do that crazy stuff, and it is so naughty and so so funny. Kittens WILL make you laugh. And... awwwww, the beautiful little dove, i hope it makes it.


Anonymous said...

Sandy, congrats on your win at Rosemary's blog!

Unknown said...

Oh I believe your bird is a Mouring Dove. I hope it is better. They are very skittish and I'm sure would be afraid of the kitties..I love doves..I know she is in good hands..hoe everyone is doing better..

Anne said...

What a sweet bird! I remember my Dad rescued a pigeon when I was little.It became our pet.Can you imagine?What a sweet photo of Chantel and your kitten.Yes they are getting so big!Pretty purse too!

vikki said...

Love the purse, what a cute idea. Also your roses are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.