Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer, Thrift finds, and Kitties

Summer is so fun. I love having the kids home. Gage is going to summer school...but he only goes 3 half days, and 1 full day so he is still home most of the time. That will be over in a few weeks. I have been in a happy summer mood. Chantel loaded a bunch of songs to my new smart phone. You know, the phone that is smarter than I am. They make me happy...songs like "50 ways to leave your lover", "I like Dreamin'", "Silly love songs", and my ring tone "Summer Breeze" all put me in such a good mood. The kids think I'm crazy. They think my music is weird. I have been feeling really content and lovin' those old songs. A cold beer and some great old songs and the heat doesn't bother me at all! :)

Anyway..thought I would share a couple things I found yesterday. Found this adorable shoe planter at Goodwill for $2.99.  I think it is so cute. I was happy to find it!

Chantel and I walked to Walmart and there was a garage sale we stopped at on our way home. This cute  little old lady sold me these 2 cute figurines for .25 for both. I think they are so sweet and girly. I really like them.

A few weeks ago I found these cute beach kids. Janae and I call them Chantel and wyatt..they don't appreciate that.
They go well with my beachy accents :)

Chantel had her friend Nina over today and they made a cake for their other friend, Daisy, who has been gone for a week showing her horse. She has an obsession with korndogs so they made her a cake to look like a korndog. The girls missed Daisy and wanted to make her a welcome home cake.

Silly girls. The red stuff is suppose to be ketchup.

You know Daisy is here when you see her boots on the front porch. That girl has cute boots!

Gotta love that bling!

Girls just wanna have fun. Gotta love summer.

It is a great feeling when your kids pick friends you really like. Good job Chantel. Mom approves! All my kids make great friend choices.

This afternoon I picked some wildflowers out of the garden for the house.

I prefer to call them wildflowers, rather than weeds. Pretty!

The kittens are growing so fast! They are discovering there is a world outside this house. They are becoming obsessed with the window next to the front door.

When I am outside watering I see them sitting in the window.

It is a big world out there kitties...sometimes not friendly to sweet little kitties like you. Mommy wants you to stay in the house.

Hope this finds everyone enjoying their summer..or whatever season you may be in!

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Amy Chalmers said...

Such a sweet post! I love your daughter and her reminds me of when I was that was so fun!! The kitties are darling and you are smart to protect them. Those boots were banging!!

Lucille said...

So you like cold beer! So do I but I don't have it often. It plays havoc with my blood pressure. There's nothing I like more than a home made salami on rye with lots of mustard and a cold beer. I absolutely love the taste of beer. The girls seem to be enjoying their summer. That's good. I like your finds at Good Will. My daughter is very lucky when she goes to places like that. She gets such nice things. Your wild flowers are gorgeous. I adore wild flowers. Take care! Don't drink too much beer,okay! It's fattening!

Heirloom treasures said...

Oh sandy,this is the most beautiful post. Loved it all. Great family. xxoo

Melanie said...

Lovely post!!! I miss having a kid in the house! Great yard sale finds!

Grandma Carolee said...

I enjoyed everything in this post!! Especially thought the photos of Chantel and her friends are delightful. Looks like they had a fun time jumping on the trampoline. The flowers are beautiful.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Sandy!
It looks like you are fully enJOYing Summer, good for you. Love, love, love that shoe planter, super find.
enJOY a lovely weekend,

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Cute goodwill finds, Sandy, and I love your wildflowers! Such cute shots of the girls having fun.
I'm so happy you bought some of my little wings - I'll send them along very soon!

The White Pear Tree said...

Lovely stuff today Sandy! That chippy shoe planter is just darling.

Isn't it fun to see your kids enjoying summer? It goes by so fast.

The kittens are ever so cute! You have a knack for taking pictures of them. I love the one taken outside of them looking through the screen.

Have a lovely week-end!

Kathy said...

Hello, Love this post - so wonderful to see these girls having a great time - love the bling on the boots! I am so glad you liked Carol's guest post - she is wonderful. I am thrilled you've become a follower - I found you a while back...looking forward to more visits,

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...


I love that shoe! It is so pretty. I loved this whole post all of your flowers are so pretty and definitely not weeds.

Amy Jo

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Sandy: Good friends are so important. I think it establishes a person's character and turns them into good people. Love the kitties. They sure are growing..Happy Friday..Judy

Anonymous said...

Looks like the girls are having fun this summer!! Gosh gotta love those boots and your kittens and you arrangement for that matter!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, you find some amazing items! I love the planter and the figurines are gorgeous! The kittens=are growing up fast! They're so cute! I'm lovin' those boots! Adorable!

Bunny Jean said...

Hi Sandy!

I was just thinking today how I so enjoyed my summers when the kids were all home.

I am glad you are enjoying them...

xoxo Bunny Jean

Lady Pamela said...

I have a shoe planter similar to yours, but it is sage green. Now I am thinking it might look better in white. Hmmm. Will have to think about this.

Tara said...

Love your shoe planter,it's so

farmhouse-story said...

you write such great posts, sandy:) love the shoe planter, figurines, and daisy's awesome boots!

Patina said...

It looks like you and your girls had a good day..
Love those kitty pictures.

Lois Arnold said...

Love the white shoe! I have a ceramic ladies button top shoe that just may get a coat of white to freshen it up! The kitties are adorable!

{oc cottage} said...

oh my gosh! what precious kitties!!!!

m ^..^

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh my gosh...I have that very same shoe planter and blogged about finding it a couple of months back! SWWOOOOON! Aren't they fab?

Love to you~Rebecca

Janet said...

Really sweet finds, Sandy! Hope you're having a nice summer and those little kittens are so adorable!

June said...

You have a beautiful life Sandy and I am so happy to meet you! Your family is beautiful. Gage looks like such a sweetheart.
Thank you so much for the visit. I am so happy to meet you!

Anonymous said...

we certainly got our moneys worth from our trampoline the action photo!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It sounds like you've got a busy and fun summer in full swing at your place, Sandy! I love that darling couple you bought at the garage sale. The shoe planter is great, too.

Anne said...

I remember those songs!I grew up with those.Thoughts of my childhood summers listening to those songs! Great finds too.That cake is too funny :-)
Sweet photos of your furbabys.