Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Blog Book

Okay, so my kids will tell you..I am blog obsessed. I will admit it right from the start. For years I "stalked" blogs. Never leaving comments, never having my own blog. I feel like that was a time that I was getting my "blogging education". Then last September, after moving into a new house, I felt it was my time to take the plunge, into full blogging. I have my own blog..I comment on blogs. I love blogging. I feel so much support and friendship.  I don't apologize to my kids for it. I'm a stay at home Mom and they have my full attention all the time so if I spend a little time on the computer, it is not taking away from them. My husband thinks its great. I hate to cook but when I find recipes posted by a fellow blogger I try them. My husband loves that.  My oldest daughter has her own blog and it has been one more thing for her and I to have in common.
So being as blog obsessed as I am I really wanted to print my blog into a book. My parents had given me money for Christmas so it seemed the perfect gift for me. I am really happy I did. The pictures are all small, which I wish you could get printed more true to blog size..but you can still read and see everything I blogged about the last few months of 2011. The other thing I was not pleased with was the pictures are dark. When looking back at my blog I noticed a lot of my pictures are dark and so that is something for me to work on this year. When I called the company Blog2print they were so nice. They said because they print on paper and not photo paper the pictures tend to be dark. They said they couldn't reprint the book but they could refund me 20%. I was pleased with that and from now on will work with using lighter photos.

 It is a great coffee table book. I like having it to show friends that aren't in the blogging world and maybe getting them interested in my blog.
 Blog2print gave me the 20% money back on my paypal account. Now I don't use my paypal account that often so I don't know if you can take money out of it to buy groceries or what. I am going to pretend you can't. (LOL) To me paypal accounts are for buying things on E-bay or Etsy. So I felt like God was saying to me.."Go ahead and buy that peat pot rose you've been wanting". I have had this item saved on my bookmarks for months from this Etsy seller, who I love abbyspaperiegarden .
So I ended up getting this little beauty that I have wanted all these months..
The rose is made out of tissue, tulle, and lace..I love it. It has my name written all over it (actually it doesn't says "Serenity" --even better) Janae liked it online but said she thought it was even more lovely in real life. I couldn't be more pleased it got to come live with me! So it is kind of like a bonus gift I got with the Christmas money from my parents.

So if you have any questions about getting a blog book feel free to ask. I might be able to answer your questions.:)

Have a great week! Happy Blogging!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what your flower pot looks like in person, but it's very pretty in the picture. We all need to treat ourselves every now and then, so I say let your paypal account be "play money" for you!

How fun for you to have your blog book. I've never done that, but I know a lot of people do. I'm suprised about the pictures being so small, but at least you have a very nice written record of all the work and time you've put into your pretty blog. Keep up the good work!

Heirloom treasures said...

Very pretty flower.
What a lovely idea,getting your blog into a book. Does it get published,or is it just one for yourself. Or can you get more printed?

xx jeanetteann

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I thought about doing this but I'm not happy with some of my older posts. Guess I could go in and delete them but I'm too lazy! LOL!

Love your peat pot flower!


Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

This is a wonderful idea! I'm with Sissie, as there would be some posts that I wouldn't need to have printed up ~ someday I will have to go thru all the old posts, and just remove ones that aren't really all that significant, then after that would be a good time to see about having my blog put into a book.

Have a great week!
Warmest hugs, Brenda

G Inspires said...

Am I nuts? I didn't know you could do this! I love it! Such a fun thing to have!

The Childrens Nest said...

Thank you sooo much for stopping by The Childrens Nest and thanks for your sweet comment! It is so fun "meeting" new blogging friends :) Ohhh I can already tell I am going to love your blog!! Take care...

Alba Linea said...

wow! this sounds great! and it looks great too! have a nice and creative week! di

Anonymous said...

Sandy, I didn't know you could make your blog into a book! What a great idea; thanks for sharing it! Your book looks as lovely as your blog! I also adore the "Serenity" rose! Lovely!

Barb said...

Hi Sandy, I have thought of making my blog into a book so this was very informative...thank you.

Love the flower pot.

Barb ♥

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a great treat for yourself the flower and especially the book. That is a great idea. I notice that I really have to lighten my pictures in my Mac photo program. They always look darker when I transfer them into blogger. Thanks for sharing, great post!


Ana said...

Oh Sandy,
What a wonderful idea. I didn't know there was a place where you could get your blog printed into a book. Love it! Oooh and love the pretty rose you got with the refund :-)

Hugs and Kisses,

My Duong said...

What a great idea! You can maybe to an e-book as well for all your readers. Visting from My Girlish Whims party. Best, My

Bunny Jean said...

Hi Sandy!

I was wondering when you would get your blog book made. Does the sidebar get printed? I would want to do so much editing I don't think it would work for me.

From what I can see it looks pretty nice!

Thanks for always sharing at my Bunny Hop Party!

xoxo Bunny Jean

Andi said...

Didn't know you could get your blog in a book. nice idea. Keep up your blogging and have fun with it. andi

the wednesday baker

Cindy said...

I had no idea there was such a thing as a blog book! That is so cool! I am sooo gonna go check out that website right now!


bailey said...

hey i found you through the bunny hop and am now following you. i really like the idea of a book blog and it seems like a great idea! i hope you can visit me at