Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blue Christmas

Well, a white, silver and blue Christmas that is...
I have been having so much fun decorating for Christmas. I have been stalking any blogs I can find that have beautiful white and silver decorating...and blue though that's harder to find.
About 3 or 4 years ago is when I changed my decorating for Christmas from pink and white to blue and white. That's when I started collecting Snow Buddies. I collect them all, the real ones and the fake ones. I have never paid retail for one..always have bought them second hand so many of mine are missing their noses. I think they are just as cute with missing noses.

I think they are so favorite one is this ice cream truck I got this summer at Goodwill. It play "My Favorite Things" which come to find out is Janae's favorite holiday time song making it even more special. I also love the one I keep on my vanity during the holiday season.

I am just itching to get our Christmas tree. Thing is I always get a live tree..seems like I should living in Oregon. The problem is they don't last longer than a month and I don't want to have to take the tree down before Christmas! So I decorated my little fake tree in hopes that it would cure some of my impatience in the wait to get the big tree. Not sure if it's working.

And this brings me to a question that has been on my mind for about a week...

What ever happened to Tinsel?

I am kind of freaked out about it..did it get banned or something?  I have looked in every store and can't find it anywhere. Thank goodness for usual they saved the day and had some for me. Now I know that tinsel is very dangerous for animals, maybe that's why nobody uses it anymore? I am a huge animal lover so I am just going to put it on this small tree, that is up on a chest and our animals have no interest in it anyway. I just have to worry about Janae's puppies who visit often and will eat basically anything. So I guess no tinsel on my big tree. Maybe I'm the only one who still likes tinsel?
The other thing I can't find is flock in the cans. You know, big fluffy flock...not the window spray kind.  I was thinking I want to flock certain places in my tree and make it look snowed on. I used to ALWAYS flock my whole tree but it is so expensive to have it done.
But one thing I did find..or I should say my best friend Eileen found is...
You just don't even know how excited I am. She found them in Salem at Walmart and she wouldn't even let me pay her back for them she said they are a gift..she is the best!
 While picking up a prescription for Gage at Fred Meyer, I spotted this display of Christmas ornaments..I have to admit I wanted to load the display up in my car.

Some pictures from the weekend...

We like to roast hotdogs outside, even in the cold

Someone remembered to put on a coat and forgot something else!

Gage has had a cold this weekend but I think he is starting to feel better
 If you follow Janae you've seen these pictures but I had to post them so they'll be in my blog book.  Those are Janae and Chantel's stockings she hung by our front door so she could get this picture of the girls. Then there is the picture of Bunny FuFu--he is the most adorable bunny in the world.  He roams freely in Janae's house and is the most calm bunny I've ever seen. He is like a bunny model, he poses so well! What a cute boy. I think we should paint his sleigh white.

Have a great week!


Olivia said...

Oh my goodness this is just so sugar sweet and mean it! You make me wanna go blue, well, maybe someday or maybe for spring in my dining room! I just adore pink like crazy! I love your little tree! I am not sure about tinsel...hmmm...I start decorating the day after Halloween so, it would probably make me crazy to wait, I can't wait to see your tree. The snow buddies are so cute, I love that you wait and hunt for them, I do the same for almost everything! giggles.

Cindy said...

Ok, the picture of Bunny Fu Fu made me laugh out loud! And, i love flocked trees too, but can't find anyone around here who does them. They have spray snow stuff at
wal mart, but it's not at all like flocking... if you find a spray that actually flocks a tree, please let me know!


we three dogs and me said...

My plan this year was blue and silver. Yours is so pretty. Love the snowmen. I have a 6 foot white artificial tree I change the colors every year. I do wait until after Thanksgiving. Enjoy and Happy holidays

Grandma Carolee said...

Both you and Janae' are getting me excited for Christmas. I will still do the old fashioned red & green that I've done every year for over 45 years, but I think your blue & silver is beautiful!!

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

I love, love your little tree and the doggies in the stockings are the most adorable!!

Donna said...

Oh, you'll be in heaven this holiday season! Blue, white and silver are all the rage again! I have a ton of those snowmen, too. I don't know where at this moment, but looks like you have more than enough!

Beautiful displays!


rkbsnana said...

I can't even begin to tell you which of your lovely pictures I like the most. It may just have to be the bare foot in front of the fire, though.
Love your decorating.

Toni said...

Love your blue and white theme. And the snowbuddies are so cute. I have not noticed that tinsel was hard to find. Now I will just have to check the stores! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Decorating!

Bunny Jean said...

I love that shade of blue and I also have a few "snow Buddies". I even saw some at The Dollar Tree this year... just as cute as the "real" ones!

So funny... I already looked at Janae's post and I just had to warn her about the doggie babies! I said It was so "grandma" of me. Then I see you have already thought about all the safety issues Lol.

Thanks for coming to the party again this week!

xoxo Bunny Jean
Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

Savannah Granny said...

I love the blue, white and silver. You display is beautiful. Blue is my favorite color and the blue theme for Christmas is also my favorite. Love you little Snow Buddies.
I now what you mean about the tinsel. I can no longer find angelhair. It is made from fiberglass, which is dangerous to inhale. I save mind and have been using it for years. Nice to find you, I am a new follower. Please follow me as well. ginger


Oh wow, mother and daughter white tress, I love them!! Love the blue, silver and white, you have a great collection! Very winterie cold and elegant, but lovely at the same time. Lots of hugs,

Heirloom treasures said...

I so love your blog and I must have missed this post,as I have commented on your more recent one.
I am passionately in love with blue,white and silver at the moment,but am having difficulty finding much of it here. We do have lots of silver tinsel though. I wish I had little doggies to hang in stockings on the door knob, they are so cute, I could just reach into my laptop and kidnap them.

thank you for visiting me and leaving your kind comments. I have only just started crochet again after a few years never touching it,I only know the basic stitches taught to me at my grandmothers knee. It is much easier than tatting and with the basic stitches you can create so much. I showed one of my homeschool students today how to do it, and she went home with a little circle completed after only two hours. I must say though, she neglected the restoration work on the 100yrs old Priests stole she is currently working on, while she became addicted to the crochet tut tut, LOL
PS I thought I might spray my green tree with silver paint. Do you think it would work?

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
Your blue and white Christmas ornaments are Gorgeous Diann. I also love the way you decorated your little fare tree with and put your collect of Snow Baddies so sweet. You did a Beautiful job putting this all together for the Christmas Holidays.
I also hope you have a great week with your family.
XXOO Diane

Joy Burkhart said...

Hi there! I have fallen in love with your blue, white, and silver! Adore your Santa and snowbuddies, too! Everything is so beautiful, but I'll have to stick to multi-colors this year.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hooray for the blue! It is so wonderful! Sure makes me want to pull out the Christmas decor. I start the day after Thanksgiving. Love all of your snowbuddies, missing noses and all. Puppies in the stockings are too cute! I didn't grow up with tinsel icicles. My mom had plastic ones that would glow in the dark. We always would grab one off the tree and head to the closet to see it shine. I guess she didn't like the tinsel ones. i remember my neighbors mom spending hours placing hers on ever so carefully. I have never loved them. Probably because I didn't grow up with them. Yours look awfully cute on your tree I mus admit!

Anonymous said...

Your decorations look so nice!! I LOVE the sweet little dogs in the socks!!

Amanda said...

Your Christmas decor is so elegant and it has totally gotten me in the mood to start decking the halls! I love how you've gone all out with the powder room decor! You are absolutely right...everyone visits that room and it so deserves the attention! I need to put more of an effort into mine! The photo of the pups in the stockings is so darn cute! It looks like a shabby chic Christmas card! Thanks for your sweet visit to Girl in Pink!
Best Wishes and Blessings

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Your little tree is so gorgeous, I cannot wait to see the big one! That one must be very special. Love the display of snow babies.


Suzanne said...

Your home is magical, like a fairy tale. Very pretty!

Unknown said...

I love Snow Buddies! My kids bought a small set about 21 years ago. I've only found a large Snow Buddy and the lighthouse snow buddy set!
I thought I was the only one that liked these little guys!
I just love your Santa! He is quite unique. I will keep looking. I just happened to stumble on your blog.
Thank you for sharing!
Wendy M

Unknown said...


I just came across your site as I have been searching for someone to buy my large Snow Buddy collection. They are mostly from Encore, traditional blue, white and silver, in beautiful condition, have 95% of the original boxes for each figure, and date from the year 1998 through 2007 or so. I have so many and wish to sell them to someone who collects these funny characters. Please e-mail me at: I can send you a list of what I have if you like. I can send a "group" picture of my collection also. Hope to hear you are interested.