Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fire at Prime Time

I was so sad to hear at 4:00 am this morning that my favorite place to eat out was on fire. For many years this is my favorite place to have breakfast (the most wonderful California omelets in the world, in my world anyway!) This place is very near our new house. Before buying her house Janae lived in the apartments directly behind it. I was thinking  this summer it would be so fun for a special treat to walk there and have a Cobb salad and a cold beer. They make the best Long Island iced teas too!

You can see the apartments where Janae used to live in these pictures. Chantel thought I shouldn't blog about this because it is so sad. But I want to remember everything. This is a huge deal to our town. The owners are such nice people and hard workers and I hope they had really good insurance and will be able to rebuild soon. I feel so sorry for the people that work there--many of whom I know. Many nights you can't even find a parking spot at this place..and that is really saying something in this economy. I hope the employees are able to get a decent amount of unemployment until the place can be rebuilt. I haven't heard yet if it will be rebuilt..but I sure hope so!
I hope in the near future I can blog about the new Prime Time. I bet it will be awesome!

Edited to say: The evening news showed the owner, his voice cracked as he said he was "devastated" and that the holiday season is a big time of year for them and now it is a time they have to just spend starting over. The head chef was also interviewed..he said 52 people work there and depend on it to support their families. You could tell he was really devastated too. They have set up an account at a local bank to help the employees. So sad!


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh! that is really really sad. It sounds like it was a charming place, that gave alot of people wonderful memories, and to see it looking like that is heart wrenching. I hope everyone can come together and rebuild it all...


Anneke said...

this view is realy sad, and i hope that the owners wil start again with a warm and friendly restaurant.

Heirloom treasures said...

How awful for them all,especially at this time of year, prayers for them all I think. xx