Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Grand Puppy

I just have to share...this is Lacie, my new Grand puppy. Janae and I drove 4 hours to pick her up last night so that Bella could have a sister. Though we sometimes babysit Bella, Janae and her boyfriend both work long hours and Janae hated for Bella to ever be left alone.  Bunny FuFu just hasn't been that good of company for her. So that is why she adopted Lacie. Lacie is a "teacup" pom..so though she is 4 months old she is just a wee little thing.
These are Chantels fingernails in the picture holding Lacie at 3:30 am when we got home. She just had to see her right away.

Janae looks tired but happy (again at 3:30 am) when she brought me home after our road trip to get Lacie

Uncle Wyatt waited until the next night to see her and he was so thrilled with her.

She is so cute--though she is losing her puppy coat right now

We are happy to have this new little one in our lives
I have been sick--actually had over a 100 degree temp when we went and got Lacie. I am starting to feel a little better but still have a 99 degree temp. I don't do well at being sick. I have too much to do. I am going to try and get some extra rest so I can get back to all my projects.


Grandma Carolee said...

I can see why you all instantly fell in love with Lacie...she is adorable! Such a good photo of Wyatt. Get well...I miss walking with you.

Anonymous said...

Sandy, Lacie is adorable! I can see why you love them all! Precious! I love Chantel's nails! So cute! You have a lovely family!

Myric said...

That dog on jammy is the most adorable picture ever!
I am glad to hear you are doing better:)

Get well soon!


Heirloom treasures said...

Hope you feel better soon. The new baby is gorgeous. x

Janae said...

Thank you so much for going with me mom little Lacie is just perfect Bella & I loves her so much