Sunday, October 16, 2011

A couple quick projects

So I tried the painting of the Hydrangeas after they were dried and I really like it--the original colors were so beautiful but I wanted to try it so I picked just a few. They started out this color...
and I painted them silver and this is how they look now...
I think they looks really pretty and if I had a whole bunch wouldn't they look great tucked into a Christmas tree or something?!  I'm sure this wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone but my Christmas decorating colors are white, silver and blue. I am really pleased with these dried Hydrangeas!
Then I did another project inspired by another blogger Pam's party and practical tips. I thought her little pumpkin was so cute I copied her and made one to be a buddy to our Frankenstein.

I made him from a real pumpkin though so will have to make a fake version so I can keep him year after year!

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koralee said...

Adorable pumpkin..I have been painting mine too...such fun. xoxo Happy day to you.