Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I love summer. Most of all I love the kids being out of school, the ability to spend a lot of time outdoors, the flowers, the smells...I really love summer. This summer is testing me though. It has been so hot! This is just not normal for Oregon, and I know I have complained about this already, but this is just nuts.

The sun does look pretty shining through my Ball jars--but I wish Mother Nature would just turn down the heat a bit.

At 11pm at night for it to still be this hot in the house is just crazy!

We have fans going everywhere and are drinking gallons of ice water--but this kind of heat is just not fun.

The kids put together their money and bought a pool which I decided they could get because I gave up trying to keep the back yard grass alive anyway.

It was a good purchase. Everybody has been enjoying it--even Gage who hates the sun.

When Jaxon is visiting he doesn't want to get out!

Of course, Janae's dogs want in on the action.

(photo by Janae)

Fez likes to look out the window and see what is going on in the pool.

I have been trying to keep the flowers watered...and they are hanging in there.

I put ice cubes in my vases to keep my cut flowers from wilting.

 I drink an iced mocha to keep me from wilting!

I have been enjoying the cucumbers from our garden and have made several delicious cucumber salads.

So refreshing on hot summer days!

I sold my little telephone table to a lady who is buying it for her Mother's 60th birthday.

That made my heart happy :)  It reminded me of something that Janae would do for me!

We have been having a fun summer...and I look forward to another few weeks before the kids have to go back to school.

How is your summer going? If anyone has any cool breezes to send our way...please do!

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I can't believe it is the middle of August already, Sandy. The pool sounds like it was a good purchase for the summer heat you are having your way. We are actually having one of the nicest summers in Ohio since we moved here almost three years ago. The humidity and temps were so high the past two years; it has been wonderful this year.

angie said...

tolle bilder!!! wunderschöne blumen!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

Pam Kessler said...

That dog photo is cracking me up! Sorry you're getting the weird weather out there. In Ohio is it's been just the opposite. Much cooler than normal. I think we've traded weather with you :)

farmhouse-story said...

our summer has been cool--haven't needed the ac at all! my roses don't like it much. so glad your table found a new home, -enjoy the kids last few weeks, sandy. ours is back to school already! pool pics are so cute!

Janae said...

We sure have been having a lot of fun in the pool! Your flowers still look so good I am jealous! Your cucumber salad is amazing I want some more ASAP lol. I need you to show me how to make it.

Grandma Carolee said...

This is a beautiful post!! You have done a beautiful job of taking care of the flowers in this heat...and the kids look like they are really enjoying the pool. I'd like to know how you make the cucumber salad.

June said...

It's been the same here Sandy, and I we are just not used to this kind of heat here in the mountains. It's the humidity that killing me though. Our Idaho air in Carey is so dry and it's been so humid that I feel like I'm molding :)))
Your kids look like they love the pool!It's great seeing these darling photos!
sending hugs...

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Yikkes, I was without A/C for a week here in Orlando and it sure zaps the life out of you! The pool looks like so much fun!


Heirloom treasures said...

What gorgeous pics Sandy. I so love visiting your pretty blog. The kids look so happy. I can't wait for Summer here,it's been so cold. I have started Spring cleaning. So glad you sold your little table.
Your hanging baskets look amazing. I can never get mine to look so full. They really struggle here. Have a nice week. Hope it cools slightly for you. I don't like the excess heat either.

Amy Chalmers said...

I grew up with a big pool like that in our yard and it was the best!! We had so much fun in that pool~good decision. Well truth be told I am inside my shop and I feel sad that the summer is racing off soon...so I am going to visit my parents this weekend on marthas vineyard for a quickie trip! xox

pipigirl said...

cant believe its so hot out there! its been very pleasant here. actually, not like a summer at all. ac ran 2 days all summer. only because of humidity tho. cant believe on july 1st i had a creek flooding. no rain since to speak of. my roses are wishing for hot weather. so is my garden! would you mind sharing your cuke recipe. looks yummy! btw, your flowers look fantastic!!! stay cool....in pool. used to have one. are nice but maintenance, not so much...

Lupnk said...

Here in NJ it has been one of the coolest summers I can remember in years. Usually it is 90 degrees + in August! I recommend placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan to spread the cooler air throughout the room. If it is in your budget in Sept. portable air conditioners should be on sale. It might be a good idea to buy one to have for next year just in case. I also suggest using fans that fit inside your window. They help to block out hot air. Keep as many lights off til dusk as you can. Draw the blinds & draperies closed to keep the sun out. Try as much as possible to cook in the cooler parts of the day. I hope these suggestions help.