Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Playing with Paint

Ever since taking the chalk paint class I have been so itching to play. The problem is that the weather hasn't been cooperating. It has been over 90 degrees almost every day and I just picture the paint just melting off my project, though I am not sure that that would really happen. I am melting...I know that for sure.

Yesterday when it started to cool a little I decided to try the wet distress method on a frame and mirror frame. I painted the mirror frame in Emile and I layered several colors on the other frame.

You can see I wasn't careful about where to put the paint...I just kind of brushed it on wherever. I mostly covered the mirror frame...but I didn't have to be perfect about it.

Then I painted the frames white.

Before the paint was dry I wiped off the white in the areas where I wanted the color to show through with a baby wipe.

It was so easy---and so fun!

After that I applied Pearl Plaster--I love this product to make things look pearl like. I applied it straight which really muted my colors showing through--next time I will make it into a wash. I do love how it looks in my bedroom though!

The colors still show through and it looks beautiful I think. 

Wet distressing is my new favorite technique right now...I love the look!

It looks so much better than the dark plastic mirror it used to be!

In the midst of all this heat and barely braving the heat to walk out to the mailbox I got the nicest surprise....

I had seen this print on my blogger friend, Kris' blog. I told her I loved it and asked where to get the print. She told me and I bookmarked it for "when I have extra money". Fact is I never have extra money, but I had still looked at it many times thinking someday I want this. 

So after almost passing out from the heat just walking down the driveway to the mailbox I was so happy to find this print with a note from Kris saying he had rearranged her kitchen and no longer had a place for it so she was sending it to me for a new home :). I was tickled! There are so many nice people in the world, I feel so lucky that I have gotten to know so many of them through blogging! 

Thank you so much Kris!

I am having the hardest time keeping my flowers happy--watering 2x a day they are still getting burnt from the sun. At least most of my roses are still doing well. I have kept the front yard grass reasonably green but the back yard is crunchy dead. It is not suppose to be like this in Oregon! I am dreading getting the water bill this month.
I hope everyone is keeping cool and having a good summer...

 Thanks for visiting!


Janae said...

Your frame turned out beatiful. I love it :)

Junkchiccottage said...

The frame is gorgeous and I am so happy you love your cook sign. It looks awesome in the frame. So happy it found a new home. You are so sweet so I knew you would love to get a little surprise in the mail. Fun to get something other than bills in the mail. Glad you love it.

Grandma Carolee said...

The frame looks beautiful, and you taught how to do it so well! The roses are gorgeous, and the saying on that sign is heart-warming.

Art and Sand said...

Kris is one of the sweetest bloggers out there.

And, the piece has a lovely new home.

farmhouse-story said...

i do love your frame, sandy! and kris is the sweetest, isn't she:)

Marissa said...

Your frame is gorgeous!
And you are so right there is so many nice people.Blogger friends are amazing.
My water bill is over $200.00 mine lawn is looking crunchy too.
I hate it. :( and too top it off one of my trees in going though transplant shock...
I want cooler weather...

Marissa said...

oops one of my trees.

Jasper's Cottage said...

You've made the frame so lovely, the distressing is just perfect! You make me want to play with paint and baby wipes. :-)
Where did you get the cute mason jar holder?
xo jonni xo

Heirloom treasures said...

Love the mirror frame Sandy.You certainly are getting good at painting.
Could do with some warm sun here at the moment,although I won't be saying that in Summer. Water is very expensive too here and due to get more so,but we do love our gardens.

Gentle Joy said...

I LOVE your opening picture for your blog.... it just draws me in w/ the frame and the 3 pictures...then the whitewashed planking background. Then the post itself is so pretty... the mirror is lovely and you did a great job of changing a nice thing... into a great thing. I'm glad you are staying home to care for your family.... and I hope your blogging goes wonderfully well. Thank you for posting. :)

Anonymous said...

Your mirror looks absolutely perfect! Your distressing is gorgeous! I must try some of that pearl paint on one of my projects, beautiful. Also, I love the sign you got from Kris, super cute!

Gigi @ Old World Patina

Holly Loves Art said...

Just gorgeous! YOU are so talented. Thanks so much for always sharing these wonderful posts.
Have a fantastic day.