Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pretty Painted Bottle Tutorial

I found a very pretty bottle the other day at Goodwill. I paid $1 for it. Someone had painted it already but I felt like I could give it new life. I am not a fan of the bright green color that it was...but I have been itching to paint something in a purple hue lately.

Last Saturday was free quart Saturday at Ace Hardware and I got this beautiful lavender color called Kimberly. I think it is so awesome that Ace does these giveaways. I love the Clark and Kensington paint! I coated the bottle twice because I didn't want any of that green to show! I have found with painting glass that hasn't already been painted as long as you clean it well most paints adhere nicely. I like to clean the glass with rubbing alcohol before painting. I also often make the paint chalky like shown in this post. But this bottle was easy because it already had paint on it and it seemed to be nicely adhered. I like to use a foam brush on glass projects.

After the paint is totally dry (I usually wait until the next day) I start sanding. Because I put 2 coats of paint on the sanding was more work...and the green kept showing thru anyway! Oh well, I decided the peeks of green showed the history of the bottle.

 The bottle was looking pretty but I thought the middle was just asking for a special treatment. So I decided to do one of my favorite techniques..the lace technique. You can see the technique on the coffee table in the background of these photos.

So I taped and covered all the parts that I wanted to stay just the way they are.

You can see the grass in my backyard is no longer green! :(  

So I cut a piece of lace. This lace will get covered in paint and thrown away--so don't use anything really expensive . My Mother is able to find lace at garage sales for me all the time. (thanks Mom!)

I spray the lace with spray glue--let it dry for a minute so it becomes a temporary bond and not permanent. I wrapped it around the bottle and made sure it was adhered. Then I just sprayed it with white spray paint. (I usually use Krylon)

Remove the lace and you have a beautiful look!

I had planned to add a crystal brooch or something hot glued to the front but decided this bottle was so pretty it didn't need it. Sometimes simple is just right.

It is such a pretty painted bottle!

It looks beautiful with some Catmint in it.

Free paint and a $1 bottle = a happy Sandy!
I found this picture of Fez on my camera...

The hat he is wearing used to be worn by Big John (our cat who recently passed) and Chantel had taken the picture. Chantel said that Big John wanted Fez to have it...that Fez had inherited it from Big John. I am glad she is starting to heal from the loss of Big John. I sent the picture into Good Day Oregon and they showed it on the news during their Good Day Pets segment. He is so cute. Our cats just ooze with personality.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the painted bottle tutorial and I would love to see any bottles you create!

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Melanie said...

So sorry about Big John, they leave a hole in your heart when we lose them don't they? Fez is looking rather handsome in his picture! Love that picture! He can be happy now that he is famous too! Look out for the paparazzi now Fez!

The bottle is awesome!!! I need to try this. I had picked up a piece of lace at a yard sale with the idea of using it to paint with, all I need is a bottle!

Grandma Carolee said...

Sandy, the bottle turned out are so creative & artistic! The picture of Fez makes me smile. Thank you for making my 70th extra special yesterday!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Sandy! I love the lace technique!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

You definitely gave the bottle new life, Sandy. The lace technique is one of my faves too.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Sandy,
I just love it when Ace gives away the free paint too. Love the C&S paints.
Your bottle turned out so pretty. the lace is a great idea and gives it a soft, pretty look.

I'm so sorry about your kitty and I hope that time will heal.


Fran said...

I am really enjoying your crafts you post. You are very creative. And I love the pics of your animals. Very cute.

Junkchiccottage said...

That $1 bottle looks like a million bucks. So pretty. Love this.

farmhouse-story said...

the paint brings out the details on the bottle--so pretty, sandy:) fez looks adorable--your whole family takes the best animal pics!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Sandy,
What a gorgeous transformation. I am kicking myself for not keeping all those bottles I had years ago.
hugs and JOY,

Rebecca Nelson said...

MORE than LOVE IT my friend. What a fabulous transformation!

You rock! Seriously. You do!


Cynthia said...


This turned out great and I love that lace technique! The green peaking through here and there does add character.


DIY Vintage Chic said...

Love it! That bottle has such character! And I love the lace technic too. I'm going to have to try that one ASAP. Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Beautiful project! You just knew exactly what to do to turn the bottle into such a gorgeous piece. It looks lovely sitting on the window sill with flower sprigs.

Anne said...

This is so pretty Sandy! I love the green popping through just a bit.And it looks perfect next to your Angel wings.Sweet photo of Fez!

Judy said...

That bottle is exquisite Sandy! I would absolutely love to do one just like that. Although you thought you didn't want any of the green showing, I think it was creative serendipity that a bit of it just happened to come through. The final lace treatment is like icing on the bottle.

must love junk said...

So pretty! What a clever idea :)

Pam Kessler said...

He's famous! Hope he's not getting all full of himself since he's a tv star now :)