Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Summer Garage Sales

We are having a heatwave. I do not do well in the heat. I easily get dizzy, see spots...all that crazy stuff. Besides that I get heat rash--like babies do. I am not made for heat.

We do have an air conditioner--but I hate to use it because it costs so much to run. So we close the house up, use fans and cover the skylight. I brought a big bouquet of flowers in the house since I won't be able to see my flowers for awhile with the house all shut up. I am feeling okay as long as I stay in the house by a fan.

The only time Fez gets to sleep under flowers is if I bring them in the house :)

So Chantel and I decided to go to garage sales. There was like 7 garage sales within blocks of our house..but Chantel suggested we drive anyway--because she hates the heat even more than I do! We have air conditioning in the car but still felt like we were going to pass out at the sales. We had to stop at home between sales and refill our ice teas.

We did find some fun stuff though! I got this set for my vanity for $6--the girl selling it said it belonged to her Grandma. I plan to shine it up.

I found this brooch for 50 cents. Can never have too many of these!

Duke wasn't too thrilled about the shirt I found for him ($1.50)--he hates the heat too and he has been depressed, though he likes wearing clothes usually. Poor Dukey. I took the shirt off after the picture :)

I found this blouse for me-- ($2.00)

I found this dress for Janae ($5.00)--so pretty--the picture doesn't do it justice.

The kids also got a WII game, and I got some shirts for my husband--so a good garage sale day. I felt so sorry for the people having the sales--they were all miserably hot.
Poor Gage started getting heat rash too so I took off his shirt and put a fan on him. It must be our Swedish blood that makes us not able to handle the heat :)

I wanted to show off my Star Jasmine--it is going crazy this year and smells amazing. The smell reminds me of my Grandma--it is so weird how a smell can just take you away to another place...a memory.

I hope the heat doesn't cook off the blooms!

Don't know how much sewing I will get done so thought I would show you what I want to be working on.

This is what I showed a couple posts ago...

What it is is the flap to a purse that I have been planning to make for over a year now--I am determined to get  it one just as soon as it cools a bit. I am using a pattern--which I never do! But I will change it up a bit and I think I will really love it.

I am making the ruffled one...of course!

I'm off to make more tea--Chantel says she needs more!

Stay cool and thanks for visiting!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I guessed hot pad...Never guessed purse. You did really well at your garage sales, you are right...You can never have to many brooches!


lashawnmontoya said...

I do NOT do heat, either- and it's supposed to be 106' here in Paradise on Monday- kill me now. I looked at places to camp on the coast and hotels, etc to not avail....everything is booked solid because it's the 4th holiday week. Phooey. At least up here in the mountains its cooler than the valley- just 20 min down the road they will be 10' hotter than here (and poor Trinity in Sacto is even hotter). I am not happy if it goes over 75', really. I should live in San DIego (or Oregon!). I haven't left the house today either. Sitting under a fan in solidarity with you today (at least you got some amazing garage sale finds!:)

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I can'take the heat either so I understand. I have COPD so my lungs are bad and I have asthma also. Have to get out early and get my hand watering done early. Tomorrow is going to be the hottest - I live in Fullerton, CA sp I will stay in doors.
Take care of your self.
The broach looks like it could be Eieenberg Ice, which is very expensive look on the back and see if they have their signature.
Stay cool.

farmhouse-story said...

such a cute ruffled bag pattern--thought it was a potholder! love the ruffled shirt and brooch, sandy:) poor duke doesn't look happy-maybe it was the floral print-ha!

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I am also of Swedish descent. Is that why I can't stand the heat. I feel like I'm a shade perennial!! I wish I could find some "cool" garage sale items like that. Nice going.

Grandma Carolee said...

I'm so sorry the heat is hard on you...and my grandchildren...& puppies. I'll miss walking with you until the warmer temps. passes. Glad you found such good items at the garage sales. As you know, heat doesn't bother me and I love shopping garage sales.

Junkchiccottage said...

You found some great treasures. I hate the heat too. Today it is low 70's here and I love that. Last few days in the 90's and hot and humid so miserable. Wish it could just stay like today!!!! SO I hear you on the heat. Hopefully you will cool down soon.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

It is a bit cooler here today so hope it is where you are too. Looks like you found some great things at the garage sale. I can't imagine selling the mirror/comb dresser set that belonged to their Grandma! That is a cute picture of Dukey and I love that ruffled purse!!! Nancy

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...


The heat wave is all over. They said we could have a heat index of 128 degrees here in central florida. That means it will feel that hot with the humidity. Your garage sale finds are great....and I can't wait to see your purse.

Amy Jo

Anonymous said...

Sandy, you really found some treasures! I don't care for heat either! Georgia's humidity adds another layer to the heat too! Yuck! Your Jasmine is stunning and one of my favorites flowering plants! Try to stay cool!

Darlene said...

You found some great items at the yard sales. I am the same way when it comes to the heat too. Thanks for sharing your star jasmine. I have some in my backyard and it smells so good but I never knew its name. I know the butterflies flock to it. I just gave it a name of white honeysuckle since it smelled so good. So thank you. Now I know. Take care, Darlene

Laura T. said...

Great garage sale finds! I feel sorry for all you guys in the heat. I'm from the Chicago area & I can't stand the humidity! Luckily, it's only supposed to be in the 70's for the next few days. We've only had 2 days in the 90's this year. Usually, it's a lot more than that.

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy,
I'm with you..I can't handle the heat. We have been lucky and have had some nice day's but today is hot and I do have the AC running.
I love all your new finds..such a pretty blouse and gorgeous dress. Tomorrow I will be taking photo's of a town celebrating it's 300 birthday. Everyone is going to be dressed in period clothing..whew! I hope they dont faint wearing them..Enjoy your weekend.

Fran said...

Oh Sandy, I am with you on the heat. Since I started The Change of Life(lol), I can not handle the heat so well. And I use to love it. I am from good ol'sunny Oregon also, it has been a heard few days. I'm sorry to say its going to get hotter here.
Sounds like you got a good deal on the yard sale. I sure did myself today. Got an iron bench for $5 that I plan on putting in my yard. Love good sales!!

Laura T. said...

I can relate to what Shirley said about costumes. We go to the Renaissance Faire every summer just over the border in Wisconsin. It's always hot out & they wear those elaborate, heavy, long dresses with high collars & long sleeves. A lot of them are made with velvet too! I would not survive 5 minutes dressed like that in the summer heat!

Melanie said...

Great garage sale finds! I have been itching to go, things keep getting in the way though. You wouldn't do well here Sandy, the forecast for today calls for temps in the upper 80's, and we appreciate this cooler weather! Stay hydrated! Love the picture of Fez under the flowers! Duke made me laugh, he is a cute little guy! don't blame you, I would have taken it off of him too in the heat! He was cute for the picture though!!

Ivy and Elephants said...

What great treasures you found! I love the mirror and brush set, so glam.
I would have sent you some cool weather, but we are at 93 degrees right now!
Pass the ice tea, please!

June said...

It's been horribly hot here too Sandy. I am so sorry to hear about how the heat affects you. I am the opposite..I can't be cold but can take a lot of heat before I am uncomfortable :) I hope you and Gage get a break from the heat very soon.
Get finds at the garage sales!!!
sending hugs...

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sandy,
Love all your pretty new finds!! Glad the heatwave broke (I'm a heat baby too :-) Your fourth looked like a lot of fun:-)