Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Birthday

I realize that most people don't have birthday parties for their cats..but we aren't most people. Some of you may remember a year ago when we rescued a litter of kittens because Mama Kitty had been killed by a coyote..well our babies were born on Cinco De Mayo and they had their first birthday today!

Of course we had a pinata..Janae's cats were not interested as they pretty much just wanted to go home. :)

Fez attacked the pinata and eventually got it opened up.

But then Phoebe decided to claim all the prizes for herself (though later we made her share)

Annie and Lacie just watched all the craziness.

There was a lot of gifts!

Chantel decorated with decore that Janae bought. It was very festive!

The cake was delicious!

It was a fun day celebrating our sweet kitties!

To end this post I have to share a picture my daughter took for the calendar she is making of her dogs..this is actually the blooper picture, but it makes me smile!

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Rosegirl7 said...

I really do think Janae should add the "blooper pic" of her sweeties to her dog calendar; it is just too cute to pass up!!

Enjoyed your pics of the birthday kitties. So sweet of you & your family to celebrate their special day! <3

Junkchiccottage said...

This is adorable. I love anything you do with those sweet furry family members. Your pets have such big personalities for little guys. How cute this post is.

Roxanne Reinhart said...

You guys have more fun with those babies!! I love it - what great family memories you are making!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I am the biggest fan of all the pet pictures. I love that Janae is making a calender, she is so talented! Happy BD to the kitties!


pipigirl said...

i like the blooper pic better than the "FORMAL" pic. its sort of appropriate. looks like theyve been out on the town for night. :)

Janae said...

The Birthday party was alot of fun! Thanks for hosting. I can not believe the kttens are a year already, time flys! I love the pic of Levi & I :)

Janae said...

I forgot the mention that I really laughed out loud at the pic of Phoebe, even though I already saw the picture I laughed again it is hillarious!

Melanie said...

The pictures are so cute Sandy!! It is hard to believe that they are a year old!! They were so lucky to have you and your family to care for them! Enjoyed the pictures!!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to all the kitties. How lucky they are that you adopted them. What a fun party! Nancy

farmhouse-story said...

happy belated bday, kittens! love the pic of your daughter and fez, esp, sandy:) and phoebe looks very regal surrounded by all her goodies:)

the last pic just cracks me up! have a fun weekend!