Friday, December 28, 2012

Now what?

It is so weird how there is this huge build up to Christmas and then -boom- it is over! Putting up the decorations is so much more fun than taking them down. My tree is so dry it is about to take itself down. I am just itching to do some crafty projects but have to force myself to take care of the Christmas stuff first. At least get the tree down.  The rest of the stuff is just kind of wintery--maybe it can stay up a bit longer :)

I didn't do hardly any handmade gifts this year--just didn't want to stress myself trying to get them done. But I did make my Grandkitty a new collar.

Isn't it pretty?

 Lulu looks so sweet in it! I am going to make one for my Phoebe too. It is hard to see, but it has ribbon roses and tiny rhinestone buttons.

Anyone else itching to do projects? I think I want to make curtains for the door window in the sun room and ruffly covers for my chandelier shades. What I should do is start making gifts for next Christmas! Can't wait to get in the creative mode again.

Thought I would share this picture we had taken for my parents for Christmas--my girls and I.

This photo makes me happy :)

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Deb said...

That is the sweetest little kitty and her collar just makes her sweeter. I'm afraid my 'kitty' Audrey would not stand to wear a collar. I would have to ease her into it..a little time each day. Your family photo is really nice and I'm sure was appreciated by the recipients. Have a good weekend and fun cleaning up.

Latane Barton said...

Beautiful daughters and Mommy is gorgeous too.

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...


The day after xmas I put it in high gear and took every single decoration down and put them away! Actually it took a day and a half...but I am so glad it is done! I am excited to do a few projects myself but it seems I am always to busy lately. I love the picture with you and your daughters, that is fabulous.
Amy Jo

Anne said...

I love that color Sandy!What a kitty!I am not in a hurry to take things down because I did such minimal decorations this year it is very tolerable now after Christmas.Some of my fresh greens are starting to dry out but I think they will hold out until next week.But I am craving starting some new projects! I would LOVE to sew something I need to get in the next year is a sewing machine!

Anne said...

Forgot to mention your photo of you and your girls is beautiful what a sweet gift!

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Sandy,
Ohhhhh love the picture that is so sweet and you all look so beautiful. Love it!! I took down all my decor yesterday and am starting my big flip flop of rooms. I felt like I needed a project too. Love the kitty collar too. She looks so sweet in it.

The White Pear Tree said...

What a lovely, lovely picture! You are all beautiful!

And Lulu looks beautiful too in that cute collar. You are truly talented.

Happy New Year to you and your family Sandy.



Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

Lulu looks beautiful in her pretty collar! You did an amazing job! I have taken down almost all of Christmas decorations. Just the tree to go. Feels good. I am ready for the new year! Gorgeous picture with your girls! Happy New Year!

lashawnmontoya said...

I LOVE that pic of you and the girls! It's incredible! Print it out big and frame it for sure! Lulu's collar is absolutely adorable, too. Loved reading your blog over the holidays...and I know what you mean about hte post-christmas take-down-decorations blahs....I did mine yesterday and it was an all day affair (plus I put up New YEar's winter decorations for January) my family is off hiking so I have the house to myself finally! 10am and still in pj's and no intention of getting dressed any time soon:)

Lady of the Woods said...

Angels, all of you. Few people strike me that way. Yes, I'm "itching to make things" as you put it and I didn't even know I was. I got up so sleepy and sore from gardening yesterday, planting the veggie and herb patch, and thought I'd be "off" today but no. My hands went up and began to take out the pine decor and I'm leaving up all the rest, the mercury glass, the white pine cones and lights. Then I took out all my clear crystal ornaments and snowflakes and laid them all out on the sofa because I'm going to make a kind of ornament chandelier using what I have. Also when I took the greens down I needed to put up something and I put up a scene with the white glitter houses and white bottle brush trees, like so many others have done, and a candle and I found myself in heaven, going to make a post soon about that. whew...that's it for now. :D hugs, lady

Karen said...

That is a really pretty collar, I wouldn't mind wearing that myself! Gorgeous picture of you and your beautiful girls.

Grandma Carolee said...

I love the photos of you, Janae' & Chantel. Have them up where I can view them every morning, and they make me happy. Please tell Staci I think she is a gifted photographer.

Dad doesn't want me to take down the tree until after new years day. I think he has enjoyed this tree more than any other we've ever had.

Lulu looks so pretty with that beautiful collar.

Donna at the Scarlet Petticoat said...

i love the photo!!! you all look so beautiful and your indiviuality shines through. i am feeling inspired to make christmas stuff for 2013 too! it seems that i finally figure out some good ideas and then it is christmas and boom....too late!

Cindy said...

I LOVE that photo of you and the girls! WOW! And... the kitty collar, i'm pretty sure you could market those and make a bazillion dollars! I want one for my little "daisy" dog right now! And i'm with you... i had all these ideas about making gingerbread houses for Christmas, and it never happened! Thanksgiving was here... and then BAM! it was Christmas... and then it was gone! Time is going too fast!


Peggy said...

Hi Sandy - Happy New Year! I love the photo of you and the girls!
Peggy @ The Painted Pear

Anonymous said...

I love the cute collar, and i love your photo. Your girls are beautiful.Happy New Year.


farmhouse-story said...

love the collar, and that fabulous pic! my "want to do list" is long, now, i just need to do it:)!

hope 2013 is your best yet!

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a gorgeous family!

Unknown said...

Happy New year Sandy

Sonia said...

Like many have said, what a beautiful picture of you and your daughters. I am besotted with the picture of your precious kitty in her collar too! Hm... Very inspirational!