Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break

This has got to be the laziest spring break ever. I had all these plans of cleaning out the garage, finishing painting the sun room, cleaning and dusting everything in the house. What happened? Nothing. We hung out. It was too cold to open the windows and clean the house. Instead we cuddled up on the couch and watched TV.

It was so cold outside, with the blowing wind and rain, that even though the house was warm we felt compelled to cuddle up in comforters.

We did go to Papa's Pizza with Eileen (best friend) and Griff (her son). Chantel's friend Daisy came too. I think that is one of the few times the boys and I got out of our pajamas!

Daisy (Chantel's best friend, not to be confused with Daisy, our dog) came and spent the night a night or two....

I think Daisy's boots look so cute on our front porch.

Thanks to Daisy and her parents, Chantel had some fun experiences during spring break.
Here are some cell phone pictures they took...

Chantel spent some time at the horse barns helping Daisy take care of her horse.

Everywhere in Oregon it is so crazy wet! The fields are flooded.

A really fun thing Chantel got to do was go to "Wicked" with Daisy and her family.

I am so happy she got to have that experience--she said it was awesome!

I bought some flowers....

But it has been too wet to plant them!

So today I am determined...I am going to sweep and vacuum, clean bathrooms, organize...
and get ready for school to start again! Hopefully next spring break will be more least not so wet!

Oh, so has everyone switched to the "new blogger"?  I think maybe tomorrow you are automatically going to have it. I am an old dog that doesn't like to learn new tricks--I guess it is fine.

Later: I have to edit this post to add these pictures that happened shortly after I made this post...

Has Mother Nature lost her mind???
March is not going out like a lamb, that is for sure.
I was cleaning the bathroom when I could hear the loud pounding on the roof of this crazy hail.
What do you do when the trampoline is covered in little balls of ice?

Jump,  of course!

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Bliss said...

Me thinks you made more memories than you realize cuddling on that couch!


Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

I too like to cuddle up in a nice warm blanket when it's cold and rainy out. I did manage to get all the painting done in our bathroom, and put up some pretty accessories up on the I just need to wait until hub's is ready to start working on the floor, hopefully not too long, lol :)

Old Red Barn said...

Wow that weather in Oregon! Is it always that wet? We had very nice weather in Western Europe until now. Spring Break starts tomorrow and we're expecting hail, maybe some snow.


Heirloom treasures said...

Sounds good to me,snuggling under a quilt and watching films. Lovely,the children at least looked like they had a ball.

I did make the collage header myself Sandy,I have spent 3 hours this afternoon trying to do it. I use Picassa 3. I couldn't believe I actually managed to get it done.
thanks for your nice comments. xxx

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Looks like a great Spring break to me-room on that trampoline for one more?
enJOY a lovely Sunday,

Grandma Carolee said...

Loved this post, Sandy. The photos of the children are adorable. Looks like they really had a fun vacation even though the weather was terrible.

Anonymous said...

Wow, hail in March! it looks like you have had so much fun this week! I would be jumping in the hail too! You have the greatest family pics! You are making some awesome memories!

Anne said...

My daughter was on spring break this past week.If the weather had been nicer we would have done something.We only went out for a little bit for one day.So I did get allot done.But I still have much to do.In this next week I have lots of organizing and cleaning to do.Which by the way I should be doing today.But I am trying to keep up with my blogs.BTW wicked was an amazing play.We took our daughter to see that on new years eve a few years ago.What an amazing play.

Nann said...

I'm trying to feel bad about your rain but its snowing here and I'm feeling worse about that. (smile) Sandy you have such a precious family. You've brought so many wonderful memories to me of my own children while looking at yours. Your photos just touch my heart. They are all so very special.


PS Daisy's boots are the porch are just too cute. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a ton a great memories were made and those children will be talking about their time for years to come!!

We are supposed to get snow tomorrow! It has been so beautiful the last few days that I hate to think the snow and cold may nip spring bloom too soon.

Melanie said...

Sounds like you had an awesome spring break and made some wonderful memoires!! The children will remember that!! Enjoyed this post lots!!!