Monday, September 12, 2011

Chalk at our House

There is so much talk about chalk paint on all the blogs these days and I am so wanting to try it. Problem is I'm afraid I'll love it and I keep hearing the comment that its expensive. Expensive isn't in my budget these days. So I had to laugh to myself this afternoon as I saw my daughter out drawing in our driveway (as is often the case) and realized I'm on a sidewalk chalk budget.:)

Oh well, better sidewalk chalk than no chalk at all!
Today was only in the low 80's --instead of the low 90's and I am getting excited to know there may even be some rain by Saturday!  This Oregonian needs some of that refreshing Oregon rain. Today I walked for about 1.5 miles with my Mom and sister and then when Chantel got home from school she and I walked to Goodwill!  Its fun living in town now. Chantel told me she refused to carry home a coffee table or something from Goodwill though. :)


Grandma Carolee said...

Such cute photos of Chantel & Daisy. That was a long walk to must have walked 4 or 5 miles yesterday. Good for you!!

Jenny said...


Deanna said...

My son hates me stopping at Goodwill when he is in the car with me. Saturday I seen an armoire on craigslist for $15 and it was only about 10 mins away. I had to drag him along I needed help hoisting it into the Tahoe.. he hates that lol. Kids! And I agree about the chalk paint, expensive but boy it sure makes things pretty!


Debbie said...

I used to love to chalk on the sidewalks. How fun!

Donna at The Scarlet Petticoat said...

dear sandy,
i just became a follower! your daughter mentioned you on her blog and so i came over to visit! you write from your heart and i appreciate it. i have my share (and maybe some other peoples shares!!!!) of money troubles. but, i keep a happy heart and feel rich in my children. you seem to be the same way, i felt i could understand you coming right off the computer!!! last but not least....i just read on a blog about a woman who figured out that chalk paint is the same as/or almost the same as gesso!!! basically chalk dust and glue... i bought a bottle at the craft store and with a coupon it came to 2.50!!! it is a smallish bottle but, i am going to do a frame first to see how it goes AND you can mix acrylic paint in to make it the color you wish!!! the annie sloan paint has a limited palette... there ya go!!!! looking forward to reading more posts from you. all the best, donna

charming-little-nest said...

Thank you so much for the sweet words, Sandy!!! You made my evening! :) I love your blog...I am a new follower!