Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cute Little Telephone Table

I love to paint. I am so hoping I can make a small business doing what I love. I just want to make enough money to help put food on the table for our 3 hungry teenagers and help out with the bills a bit. I am so pleased with my latest remake--I think it is so cute!

I think in the time this was made it would have been called a telephone table. Now that we all have our cell phones in our pocket a telephone table is not so much of a necessitiy. I think this would be great as a small entry table or side table. I am really happy with how it has turned out! I hope it sells.

I liked it from the moment I found it at Goodwill.

I like it even better now!

I added a glass knob and a applique which really added a lot I think.

I thought it was fun that it was made in Oregon.

Thought I would share a photo of my daughters before they left for a day of shopping today.

I stayed home and started working on my next project...

This piece is more masculine than I usually do so I hope it turns out!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Playing with Paint

Ever since taking the chalk paint class I have been so itching to play. The problem is that the weather hasn't been cooperating. It has been over 90 degrees almost every day and I just picture the paint just melting off my project, though I am not sure that that would really happen. I am melting...I know that for sure.

Yesterday when it started to cool a little I decided to try the wet distress method on a frame and mirror frame. I painted the mirror frame in Emile and I layered several colors on the other frame.

You can see I wasn't careful about where to put the paint...I just kind of brushed it on wherever. I mostly covered the mirror frame...but I didn't have to be perfect about it.

Then I painted the frames white.

Before the paint was dry I wiped off the white in the areas where I wanted the color to show through with a baby wipe.

It was so easy---and so fun!

After that I applied Pearl Plaster--I love this product to make things look pearl like. I applied it straight which really muted my colors showing through--next time I will make it into a wash. I do love how it looks in my bedroom though!

The colors still show through and it looks beautiful I think. 

Wet distressing is my new favorite technique right now...I love the look!

It looks so much better than the dark plastic mirror it used to be!

In the midst of all this heat and barely braving the heat to walk out to the mailbox I got the nicest surprise....

I had seen this print on my blogger friend, Kris' blog. I told her I loved it and asked where to get the print. She told me and I bookmarked it for "when I have extra money". Fact is I never have extra money, but I had still looked at it many times thinking someday I want this. 

So after almost passing out from the heat just walking down the driveway to the mailbox I was so happy to find this print with a note from Kris saying he had rearranged her kitchen and no longer had a place for it so she was sending it to me for a new home :). I was tickled! There are so many nice people in the world, I feel so lucky that I have gotten to know so many of them through blogging! 

Thank you so much Kris!

I am having the hardest time keeping my flowers happy--watering 2x a day they are still getting burnt from the sun. At least most of my roses are still doing well. I have kept the front yard grass reasonably green but the back yard is crunchy dead. It is not suppose to be like this in Oregon! I am dreading getting the water bill this month.
I hope everyone is keeping cool and having a good summer...

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Learning Chalk Paint Techniques and Beach Fun

I like nothing better than learning new painting techniques, and spending time with family. I got to do both tonight when Janae and I took a class at Camas Antiques on Annie Sloan chalk paint with Amanda from Girl in Pink.

I have followed Amanda's blog for quite some time and I knew I love her style. When Janae and I went to Camas Antiques the other day we saw she was having a class with a discount when 2 signed up at the same time. It turned out it was on a day Janae had off so we thought it was meant to be. (Janae works a lot). Janae paid for my class as an early birthday for my upcoming 50th birthday. It was a wonderful present!

It turned out we were the only ones who signed up for the class and Amanda was so sweet to still hold the class. I think this time of year there are so many vacations being taken and that sort of thing that people are not in the taking classes mode. Janae and I could not think of a better thing to do on a hot summer night!

Amanda knew what colors we like from what she has seen on our blogs and she made the class just perfect for us! Janae did a beautiful job on her stencil board--and I think this was one of her first time stenciling.

I have stenciled quite a bit--but never with chalk paint so that was fun. The chalk paint dries so fast it makes stenciling so much easier than with other kinds of paint! Janae did a lot better layering her stencils than I did--I need to work on that technique! Though I do love how my board turned out.

We both love the paint and loved learning how to do the baby wipe wet distressing method. I have been reading a lot on the internet about different techniques but it is so much better to actually get to try it out with someone telling you how to do it. I have always wondered how to do a wash and we learned that too. The more knowledge you have the more creative you can be! We learned how to use the Artisan Enhancement Pearl Plaster and that is a new favorite product for both of us now.

Amanda has so many beautiful pieces in her booth at Camas Antiques. If I didn't want to paint myself I would buy her pieces!

I love the colors and techniques she uses.

Thank you Janae for a great birthday present!

It has been a fun week...have to share a few photos from our recent trip to the Oregon Coast.

As usual Janae took great photos of her dogs, and I got some of her and her dogs. We didn't bring our dogs because we have discovered you need to have 1 person per dog and more than that can be overwhelming :) Especially when posing them for photos.

It was so gorgeous--at home it was 90 degrees and an hour drive to the beach and it was 70 degrees.

The forecast this week is for over 90 degrees everyday with next Tuesday over 100 degrees. That very rarely happens in Oregon! My plants aren't loving it. I am watering 2x a day just to keep them alive and some of them are actually getting burnt. Yes, us Oregonians, human, plant, and animal, are not used to this heat!

Sounds to me like a good reason to make another run to the beach...

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beautiful day...Pretty pictures

Today was a beautiful day. On the verge of being too hot but still bearable. Tomorrow is going to be a different story---expected highs of 97 degrees---way too warm for Oregon!

I have taken some pictures lately that I think are pretty so I thought I would share.
I love the wildflowers that grow in our yard. They make the house look so pretty.

Then there is of course my roses, and I just adore them.

To me so much prettier than a store bought rose. I bought this particular rose bush at a garage sale several years ago for $5. The roses are such a beautiful color and shape.

I love a single rose in a silver vase. Simple pleasures.
My Mother gave me a vintage apron she found at a garage sale and I think it looks beautiful hanging in my kitchen.

Then there are my pretty kitties...

 Phoebe and Fez have seemed to take over this pillow in the window seat. They so rule this house.

My beautiful girl Sophia has the most captivating eyes.

She is such a sweet girl. I just adore her. It has been almost a year since we adopted her.

I took this photo of my Daisy girl sitting on a chair I recently painted.

Awe...isn't she cute?!

Janae took this photo of her doggies when she was over visiting.

Janae is the Queen of pet photography!  I like to think she took the talents she inherited from me and improved upon them :) Her dogs are so good about posing for her.

Tonight the kids and I took the dogs for a walk at 9:30 pm...thinking it would be cool enough but we were still so hot. When we are all together we are walking 7 dogs--I think some people think we are a dog walking service or something. So many of our neighbors had sprinklers going at that time of night...many of them soaking the sidewalk. It was such a hot night I decided to just let the sprinklers get Gage and I wet as I pushed his wheelchair through the falling water. He was laughing and wanted to do it again and again. It was a great way to cool off! Such good memories--I wish I had pictures of how much he was enjoying it.

I have the feeling tomorrow night Gage and I may just go out and sit in the sprinkler for awhile! I am busy freezing water bottles to put in with the Guinea pigs tomorrow--our house is 80 degrees inside today--tomorrow will be worse. With no air conditioning, I am preparing for the heat!

I hope this finds you keeping cool! Thanks for visiting!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Love Rocks

There is love being spread around our community and I think it is pretty awesome.

Last October a horrible thing happened in our hometown. One evening two little girls were playing in the leaves on the side of a street that doesn't get very much traffic. It seems they may have been hiding under the leaves and unknowingly a teenage girl ran them over.

They were killed. One of the worse tragedy's I can even imagine.

The next evening the whole town gathered to mourn their death. It hit us all hard.

The parents of these girls are so amazing. It seems it is a tradition in their family to make "Love Rocks". They are rocks with little fabric hearts mod podged onto them. The Mother of these girls set up a Facebook community and people all over our town have been making Love Rocks and leaving them around for people to find and feel the honor of the girls.

You can find the Facebook page here...

It is the goal to have this tradition go worldwide.

I made my first Love Rocks the other day.

Most people don't paint their Love Rocks--but you know me, I paint everything!

You never know where you may find one...

I thought it was so cute when a friends daughter, Sophia, found her first Love Rock at Fred Meyers.

I think that Abby and Anna are smiling down from heaven with all the love being spread in their memory!

I hope this inspires some of you to spread some Love Rocks too :)

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