Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chalky Spray Paint

Ever since I heard about the new Chalky Spray paint That Krylon put out I have been so curious. I am a closet spray painter--it is just so easy to spray paint things compared to painting with a brush. When I saw that our local Fred Meyer's was carrying it I just had to try it.

I found this hard plastic candelabra at Goodwill. I knew it would look better painted white.

I used the chalky spray paint on it and I actually liked it! It is a little thinner than their regular spray paints but I thought for a project like this it would be fast and easy--and it was! I also used the Matte sealer--I thought it was not as matte as I would like it to be. I like things to be really flat. I don't like a shine to anything. That's just me--I think it makes it look older that way.

This now becomes a beautiful decoration for Janae's wedding. She now tells me she just wants me to find 12 more. :)

I found this set for $5 on our local classifieds....

Very weathered and chippy--but sturdy-- I love it. Thing is as much as I love chippy this is too chippy so I am going to paint it and let the chipping begin again. :) Wouldn't it look adorable with a ruffled umbrella? I am always creating more projects for myself! Still can't believe I got it for $5!

I decided to try the chalky spray paint on one of the chairs...

It looks fine--but I thought it was a bit thin. I like the chalky paint paint for little projects but not so much for larger things.

Of course my true paint love, Annie Sloan chalk paint remains my true love. I have decided to do some small projects to sell and I am glad I did...they flew out the door :) Painted them in Annie Sloan Original White.

I need to find more clocks and mirrors--because they seem to be a customer favorite :)

Jaxon's Grandparents are on vacation and so I have my favorite little guy here for the next two weeks. I am sure we will have so much fun! It will be fun to have a 3 year old here 24/7 for the next couple weeks. Love that kid.

I am wondering how much painting I will be able to get done...especially because Jaxon always wants to help!

Thanks for visiting!


Primroses Attic said...

I think most things look better white.

Diana Wise said...

Hi Sandy,
I've been wanting to try that paint as well. Love how it looks on your candlelabra! What a great buy on the table and chairs. I can just imagine how pretty you will make it look.

Good luck finding the rest of those candlelabras!!


Amy Jo said...

I had not heard of this paint. I love the Annie Sloan paint too. But maybe I will give it a try the next time I have something small to paint.

Amy Jo

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Thanks for this, I can't believe I hadn't heard of the chalky spray paint! Now I really want to go and get some. The candelabra looks fabulous.

BarbaraAnn said...

So interesting. I have some lamps I would like to try it on. What colors are available? Or is it just white?
I am anxious to find it in stores by me.
Barbara Ann / shop / barbaraannscreations said...

I have never heard of this paint. We are going to Home Depot today so I will see if they have any. Love the way the candle holder came out and love the outside set. I agree, flat white is so pretty and looks best. Have fun with the little one

Grandma Carolee said...

The candelabra turned out beautifully...and what a good buy on the little table & Chairs!! The pictures looked so good with the daffodils in the back ground. Jaxon is so lucky to be able to stay with you for 2 weeks. He is a cutie.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I'll get some of that spray paint.
I love your candelabra I have one just like it that I spray painted white a couple years ago

Vesna (HOME CHIC CLUB) said...

Hi Sandy!
I wish I can find this paint at my home town, looking really great! Love your candelabra, beautiful makeover!
Have a lovely weekend!

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Sandy,
I have never heard of chalk paint in spray. This is awesome. Love the candelabra would that not be so great to find 12 more of those for the wedding tables!!! It is gorgeous. Love seeing your little Jaxon enjoy having him with all of you these next few weeks.

Heaven's Walk said...

I was wondering when someone would come out with spray chalk paint! Love the ease of it, though, especially for those hard to paint treasures. Your candelabra turned out beautiful!! I think I have one very similar to yours, and I'd love to gift it to you if you still need to find more. Drop me an email if you'd like it! :)

xoxo laurie

lynn said...

thanks for sharing the paint-i'll look for it:) your lawn furniture was a fabulous find--so cute! enjoy you time with jaxon!

mjmaterazo said...

the candelabra turned out great! and $5 for that patio set is amazing!! thanks for the tip on the krylon chalk paint. hadn't heard about it. i'll have to give it a try since i love chalk paint. best- maryjo
ps. found u over at feathered nest friday.

Laura Tieri said...

Love the candle holder! Did you see the contest that Goodwill is having? I'm not sure if it's in all areas but I got an e-mail from them about it. It's an upcycling contest starting on March 16. It says to go to for more info. later. You have to use a percentage of Goodwill materials & redo them. I know you're good at that! I thought of you right away!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That candelabra is gorgeous, Sandy! Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on this new spray paint. I hadn't heard about it before. It's good to know that it is best used on smaller projects as opposed to furniture.

heather gilmour said...

Can't believe that you got these chairs and table for only 5 dollars, it's great deal.

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ladydi said...

Hi, Love how everything turned out. I sent you an email. Was wondering if you received it.

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Jon Sigurdsson said...

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